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my cat has fleas

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Hi everyone,

My red tabby casey has fleas. She is four years old and she is an indoor cat. I thought only outdoor cats could catch fleas. I thought it was because sometimes she sits in an open window but all summer the air has been on and the fleas are very recent. Now, my brown tabby Bayley has fleas as well. I bought them both flea collars until I can buy the good medicine. Bayley loves collars and is wearing hers and I noticed when I brush her her fleas come off dead. But, Casey my stange gifted cat will refuse to wear the collar I bought her. Should I wait and just buy her the good medicine or try the collar again. I removed the collar from her because she was chewing on it and I wasn't sure if that was safe or not. Thanks for all the help!
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I'm not convinced that flea collars really help personally, so it wouldn't hurt to leave it off and wait til you get some flea stuff from the vet if she really doesn't like it

As for how they invaded your home, most likely someone bought them in! If you stop and pet another cat/dog and then come home you could be an unwilling taxi cab for fleas.
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I agree, get some flea medication from your vet. I would never put flea collars on our cats.

You can actually bring fleas in on your clothing and once you have a flea infestation they are difficult to get rid of. Over-the-counter sprays don't usually do much in my experience.

We once had a bad infestation and we called professional exterminators - mind you they were very bad and we had shag carpets (many years ago now).
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Flea collars can make some cats very sick - please do not let them chew on them whatever you do, and I would remove them. Put them (the collars, not the cats!!) into the vacuum cleaner bag and use the cleaner at least twice a day, especially all the places where the cats sit or sleep. There are always more fleas in the carpets and cushions etc than there are on the cats - the fleas jump on to feed. Then get the cats to the vet as soon as possible for proper flea treatment, the ones you buy are at best not fully effective, at worst can kill your cats. In the meantime you can comb the cats with a flea comb and kill the fleas in a bowl of hot water.
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I agree. I would never use flea collars after seeing the damage they can do to some cats..I catsit for my sister's cats who had fleas once. It was a nightmare but you CAN get rid of them if you are diligent! You need to wash and vacuum all bedding all at once....taking the kitties in beforehand to get some flea medicine. I got some ointment that I put on the back of their necks (it was a tiny amount too) and they were all dead within hours....The FLEAS that is...Sorry,that sounded horrible..

It sucks but I hope you get rid of them!
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Hey everyone,

Thank you all for giving feedback. I did remove both collars and I am going to get the good medicine from the vet. I must have brought them in from petting other animals. I always go to this pet store where they have puppies and kittens and I do take them out and play with them. I never even thought about that. So thank you all very much. I also didn't know that collars had so many problems as even to being fatal on cats. That is awful. Well thanks again!
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