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Okay, can you guys believe it's Monday morning and we still have NOT DECIDED on a name for this poor kitten!!! Actually, I've been calling him Buddy the Elf.

It's been going back and forth from Kyle to Dylan to Leo. I like Dylan...from 90210! And of course, I asked my bf for his suggestions...Boozer and Espn...that's a guy for ya!! I suppose it could be Espen, kinda original.

He has been introduced to Cody who is slowly coming around after MANY hisses, growls and punches! He doesn't back down though, just runs right up to her and wants to play with his older sister. I'll post those pics tomorrow!!

Thank you to all of you who voted and for your creative suggestions!!!
Susan, Cody and Dylan???

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Oh well if your down to 3 names i like Dylan

Awww he sounds like Sophie when she was a kitten. She would jump sideways towards Rosie with a "come on chase me!" attitude
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Susan, that is EXACTLY what he's doing!!! And she just looks at him like he's crazy! She did swat at him this morning but then got up and ran after him...it was definitely a first!!! I hope she stops hissing and growling...but at this point I think she's just staking out her turf, ya know! Thanks for encouraging me to get him...I'm oh so happy with my decision!!!

Gosh, I keep hearing kitten meows now...but I'm at work!
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She will come round don't worry. Just take it one day at a time.

I remember when Rosie would growl and hiss at Sophie i expected her lunging at her, and she would also give her a bop on the head and Sophie would just lie down beside her looking up at Rosie

I remember feeling sorry for Sophie, and would say in a soft voice " No Rosie thats naughty!", but i was told here not to say anything because Rosie was basically showing her who was boss

Just make sure they don't get into a real fight and they should be fine!.

So pleased you went for the idea of another!
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Yes, me too!

Yeah, I find myself telling Cody, "No!" a lot...or just yelling her name. I just don't want her to hurt him, which I highly doubt she'll do...but I'll have to stop. Now for him, he's been running all over the furniture...what would teach him to stop? I gotta go read up.

I hate the people I work with...I just ran these names past them and they're like, "you can't name him a people name"...name him something interesting.

People who aren't "cat people" just don't get it!!!
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Well i say at them as well!!. Your right though people who havent got animals just don't understand.

Oh let Dylan have his fun running around It means he'll sleep at nights
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