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I cant believe it was two years yesterday that Vicki passed away. She was our three legged black and white bundle of love and love her is what we all did to the very end.
Time passes - we dont forget her.
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It's always good to hang onto the happy memories of your beloved kitty
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We never do forget..
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RIP Vicki
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Kev, Vicki always have a special place in your heart.
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Kev, you have had to endure way too much heartache these past couple of years. I said a prayer for the pendulum to swing in the opposite direction for you so wonderful, happy things will start happening!
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Kev, hon......cannot believe that it's been two years already.......doesn't seem nearly that long....{{{HUGS}}}
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I love your tender heart, Kevin. What a lot you have undergone in just two short years!

Goodbye sweet Vicki! I know you are happy and whole over the Rainbow Bridge!
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