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Cat won't eat unless I physically feed her

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Hi, I'm really hoping that someone out there can help me out. I am a first time cat owner and I have a 5 month old persian kitten. When I first brought her home, she ate on her own, both dry and wet food.
Lately, she won't eat unless I sit with her and hold her wet food with a spoon for her to eat off of. With her dry food, that is always out, she won't eat unless I put it in the palm of my hand. Once I'm feeding her, she eats with a great big appetite, otherwise, she won't eat. She is full of energy and runs around a lot.
If any one out there has some advice for me, please let me know. Not sure if my kitten has a serious medical problem or not.
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have you contacted your vet?

maybe she doesnt like the bowls or her teeth might be bothering her.
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I haven't contacted the ver yet but will make an appointment today. Thanks for your help.
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At 5 months old she should be fairly active and eating well. And although Persians are generally more laid back as kittens, they still love to eat. I would call your vet.

Please let us know what they find, and I will move your post to Health & Nutrition.
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I do wonder if flat plates would work better or a wider food bowl.
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Most all of the cats I've had really didn't like deep bowls. I think it bothers them when their whiskers touch the sides, and of course a Persian kitty would have it that much worse since she has no muzzle to speak of.

I agree with Pat&Alix, if she checks out okay at the vet, and you're presently trying to feed her out of bowls, try switching to either a very shallow bowl, or better a flat plate.
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yeah, use a plate and try adding some kitty kaviar.
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I would contact the vet too, just to see what they say. Almost sounds to me as if she/he is kinda spoiled and likes to be fed! Nothing at all wrong with being spoiled! Maybe she just likes to be fed by hand!

Lots of the time Juicy will follow me around and meow until I come back to the room to sit and watch him eat. Often-times if I feed him one little piece by hand, he will refuse to eat the rest on his own, until I jump in and help him out.

It's important that your little one will eat on its own though, because you can't always be there to hand-feed it. I would definitely get a vet opinion on this, but i was just offering a suggestion of what it could be. Maybe he/she is affectionate and loves the attention. It's a good idea to make sure that this isn't happening because of an illness though.
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That's what I was thinking (spoiled). Eating is a social activity, and she is enjoying sharing the time with you! My dog won't eat unless we are home. Sometimes we walk in the door, she says hello, then heads to her food bowl!

After a vet check, try putting the moist (smelly yummy) food in a bowl, and give her the dry out of your hand. Just slowly work her over to eating independently.

Remember, cats can become very ill if they quit eating. In trying to retrain your cat, do not let her go without eating for long periods of time! Good luck. Personally, in most battles of the wits with a cat, humans lose. So if you are still spoon feeding your precious baby when she is 15 years old, don't feel too bad!
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