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Jupiter's been neutered

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he was done yesterday and no complications except he was extremley p'ed off and hungrey!

the vet warned us that he would be sleepy and would not want to eat but when we opened the cat carrier he ran out 100mph and headed for the food bowl. after gorging himself he had half a can of tuna (because mummy felt guilty) and some prawns.

he's exactly the same as he was before and hasnt seemed to notice the op. am a bit scared he will do himself damage running around. luckily is raining hard here so theres no chance he can sneak out and climb trees.
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I'm glad he's doing ok!!! Yeah, it seems the boys always bounce back much fast than girls after getting "fixed".
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Dianes right Nicky, boys do come through it a lot easier as it's not as invasive as doing a female, but it's bad enough!!, bless him

So pleased he's eating for England again though
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Awww Nicky, I'm so glad to hear that Jupiter's fine . It certainly sounds like he had a slap up meal to make up for being neutered. Not an exchange that most males would favour, but the way to Jupiter's heart certainly seems to be through his stomach doesn't it!
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Wow, its neuter week here! Good on ya, Jupiter!!
Yeah, Rocky came home a bit drunk but was ok within a few hours....
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you wouldnt even know he had it done. my vet is a genius, she used just the right amount of anasthetic so he wasnt too drosy when he got in.

it was cheaper than i expected too so the extra amount i saved up can be spent on a new cat tree!
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Pleased for you and Jupiter that everything went well. I hope he appreciates the new cat tree when you get it!
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boy yesterday was the day for the boys to get done hehehe.. halen did the same thing
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My little Bob is scheduled for "nugget" removal this coming Tuesday I posted under "Fur Pictures"...I think he overheard me and crossed his legs

I'm sure he will be fine...oh yeh sure...I'll leave the vets. office crying guaranteed. Glad to hear everyone's little boys are doing well.
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Seems like we've had a lot of man-parts removal round here lately! Lol!
Glad to hear he's doing ok!
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Jupiter, you're such a strong little boy to be up and running, back to yourself already! I'm so happy all went to well!
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Bravo Jupiter...you are a fine example to all the young kits who will have this done.
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Jupiter, you're such a brave boy and I'm glad your surgery went ok. But is it nice to lay a guilt trip on your meowmy to get some tuna?
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