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Update on teufy!

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Teufel finally got neutered, no stiches, no pain (as far as i can see)..
He was really grogged up when he came home but he was fine by the end of the night.
Today he has gone back to normal, playing around, catching flies, talking to flies and smelling my lovely flowers.

I am only worried about him jumping and licking his bits.
is it okay if he licks it? i kept watch of him last night but i dont know if he licked more while i was asleep.
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Hey, I am glad that Teuf is back to his normal self! Well done on doing the right thing for him.

I am sure he is fine licking his wounds - I remember Guin doing exactly the same thing. It must also help with the healing process too. He is bound to be a bit sore for a few days so expect him to be cautious of that area. But as always, if you do have any major concerns then chat to your vet

Get well soon Mr black boy
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Awwww pleased it's all over for you both If he's got no stitches then i would say it would be ok as well.
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glad to hear Teufel is feeling more like himself

thats wonderful news
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glad to hear he's ok fran!
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YAY!!! That's great news!!!
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Happy to hear he's well!
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Yay!!! I'm so happy to hear that he's well Fran. As for the licking thing, I don't know whether it's the same with boys, but when my girls were spayed the Vet said a little wash was ok. The thing to watch out for was if they were licking more than usual.
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Good job, Teuf!
I think that as has been said, excessive licking is the only cause for concern.
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Bijou didn't have any stitches either and as the folks above said, licking is OK as long as he doesn't lick MORE than usual. Our "boys" are so lucky compared to our little girls.

Glad Teufel is OK. How are you doing? Are you OK?
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Yay for Teufel. Hope he is completely back to normal very son - it sounds as if he is 99% there now.
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I'm glad that is over with (and I bet he is too!) and that he's doing well.
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Way to go Teufel. I knew that you would do really well.
Us boys have to support each other. Glad that you are ok.
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Good boy, Teufel! Glad you're recovering well!
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Thank you everyone.
He is still really funny i mean he is still walking with his legs appart, i keep on prohibiting him to lick him self there but i think i will let him since its okay for a healing process.
He has been by my side since we got home.
I am extremely relieved now, now i just have to save up to get his yearly shots in november.
Thank you everyone once again for keeping him in your prayers

I was so scared at the vets because they put him to sleep while i was there and then he had his eyes open, and it looked like he wasnt breathing anymore, so i started to cry already when they stuck the needle in, but i was so relieved that when i got there he was awake.. but he did give me a really bad greasy as if "why did you do this to me mum?.. I hate it here"

He is so cuddly and i love him so much!
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Yay! Teufel!

Glad to hear he's doing well!
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Glad to hear Teuf is back home safely. It sounds like it was harder on you than it was on him That's the way it goes, isn't it?? I'm so glad you don't have to stress out about having him fixed now.
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My MeMe the pragent stray that gave me four beautiful babies was spayed yesterday (YEAH for the neuterscooter ) She 's still feeling ruff ,I'm so gald to hear that Teufel is feeling and doing great.

It was so funny I guess she smelled different all the kittens had their backed arched and was hissing at her they are 7weeks old, and to see little babies acting tuff I couldn't quit laughing.
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Glad to hear all went fine! When Billy got neutered, he walked hilariously funny, and he kept looking at us, as if saying, "HEY! WHAT'S MISSING IN THIS PICTURE!?" He licked himself a lot down south, but we let him do so... in the wild, if he had a wound like that, the licking would help.

I actually assisted in a neuter once... it's such a simple procedure. There's no stiches or anything... not even on the insides... they just snip the two little "tubes" and knot them up!
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Glad to hear is he good, Fran!
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SO pleased he is OK!
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