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Yes, Lamps. You know, those things you turn on when it's dark? Yeah, those things.

So Pie has taken to sleeping under them. Really. She'll curl around the base of the lamp in the living room - on the side table - and just lay there...sometimes staring into the light, other times just laying there, fast asleep. She does this in the bedroom, too, with the lamp on the sidetable...she'll lay half-on the bed and half-on the sidetable, and stick her head under the lampshade and just hang out.

I swear, I've got absolutely no idea why she does this...it's not cold, it's not about wanting sun (she won't lay in the windowsills...she's goofy)...I have not the first clue.

And I'm worried that all the staring into the lamp might damage her already poor vision...

Does anyone have any idea why she might be doing this? It's sweet but weird...

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Well, I have to say that's a new one! Maybe she can see the dust-motes floating around by the lightbulbs? That's the best guess I've got!
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Not sure what it is, but Oliver's taken to camping out under my desk lamp like he's sun bathing... I have central air that's always on, so I just assumed it was because he was a bit chilly... he doesn't usually stare into the light though, just falls asleep - usually on top of my hand while I'm attempting to use the mouse...
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As soon as I put a reading lamp on, above my shoulder, Ellie jumps on my lap and stares at the lamp before settling down to sleep where the light can reach her (thus preventing me seeing my book or sewing!). I have always thought she likes the directed warmth. The others don't do it.
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Lily LOVES lamps. She feels the cold and loves warm places so we always assumed it was because of this. She can often be found with her head stuck inside a lampshade or sleeping underneath the lamp.
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Both boys like to get on the side table where the betta aquarium is and curl up under the lamp there. I've assumed they liked it because it was warm. They liked to get under the nightstand lamps before they got too big (how fast they grow!) But then we try to keep our house fairly cool --- 75* during the day and 68-70* at night. If I see a panting Pekingese I turn the air down .
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Cats bodies drop in temperature when they sleep. This is generally why they like to sleep in the sun
This could be it..
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Winnie also likes to sleep under lamps Sometimes her fur feels so hot after she's been under there awhile I wind up turning the lamp off!
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Sophie likes to sleep on the end tables under the lamps, too. I figure it's the warmth from the bulb.
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O.K., I'm feeling a bit better. It seems it's not as unusual as I thought; phew!!! Pie is an odd cat, so I was thinking it was just her being odder than usual...but maybe it is about the heat...although, it's been in the 90's and 100's here, so that seems a tad weird...but who knows.

As long as others have seen this behavior, I won't run her into the vet...and just let her sleep there. The only problem is the lamp in the bedroom is touch sensitive, meaning it turns on and off by touching...which presents some issues, as you can tell. LOLOL!

Thanks for the reassurance; it is appreciated.

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"Pie, I have told you 1,000 times .... turn that light off and go to bed !
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Originally Posted by captiva
"Pie, I have told you 1,000 times .... turn that light off and go to bed !
ROFL! My houseguest got up to use the bathroom at about 3ish this morning, noticed my light was on. I was NOT awake...musta been Pie! Too funny, cause she turned the light off, too...it was not on when I woke at 6.

LOLOL...life with cats. You never know what's next!

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