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Goodbye Sienna..

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Today we had to put Sienna down. She was a lovely and beautiful cat. She was only 8-9 years old. When we first got her she had a respiratory problem where she always sneezes. It wasnt the easiest thing to deal with having to clean up after her 4-5 times a day (boogers, hehe). Her kidney was deteriorating I guess. some days she would get really sick and then bounce back healthy. I guess her body couldnt handle it anymore. She stopped drinking and eating and her lips were turning yellow. The vet said we could pay 1000s of dollars but it wouldnt help her and she'd still be in pain. So, we had to put her down.

She was the nicest cat ever. She would always wait for other cats to eat before her, she would groom every other cat in the house, if you called her name she would come running up and cuddle with you and she was playful too. We will miss her so much.

And when I came out of the small room in the vets office crying, I seen a old lady having to put her cat to sleep too. I guess when she seen me crying she started to cry too.

((Sienna is the white one))

Rest in peace Sienna, you lived a life that was extrordinary. We couldnt have asked for anything better. And this goes to show, even if a cat has a problem and isnt perfect, they can be just as good or even better then any other cat.

Goodbye Sienna.
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Condolences on your loss of a very, very special cat! How difficult this must be on your entire family, whether those with paws or feet. Godspeed, Sienna! Heaven must be full of kittens waiting in line for your dear little Sienna to give them a bath! Bless you for making the right decision, and having the courage to let go if it meant saving your dear Sienna from pain & discomfort! You will be in my thoughts & prayers tonight. Hugs, Susan
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Awww Sienna. What a pretty girl she was. I'm so sorry she was sick. Rest in peace Sienna.
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Bless her little heart What a gorgeous, loving little girl you had

Rest assured you did what was best for Sienna, and that shows how much you loved your little girl because you wouldn't see her suffer

RIP Sienna sweetie
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What a shame. You gave her a good life, and she was much loved. RIP Sienna.
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bless you for giving Sienna a wonderful fullfilling life... she certainly sounded like a special girl to me

you made the most unselfish of act helping her to pass over to the bridge with some dignity. She will forever be grateful for that, and I have no doubt at all in my mind that she will be watching over you until you meet again. She will play happily and healthly now. She will be in no pain.

RIP Sienna, enjoy those angel wings little one - you will be greatly missed
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Sienna sounded like the most wonderful kitty in the world Eventhough she had some health problems it sounds as if you took great care of her. I'm sorry that you and your family were faced with the reality that there was nothing more that could be done to help her She is probably up above giving free baths to all the other kitties that have passed on
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What a beautiful kitty! I am sure you will miss her! Thank you for taking care of her when she wasn't "perfect"! I am sure she appreciated it!
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What a lovely kittty! She sound very special. I just lost my precious Fred, and I know the pain you are feeling. I am so sorry for your loss.
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Sienna had a wonderful life filled with love from you..
RIP sweet girl...
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You were a very loving parent to Sienna, she was very lucky to have you

RIP sweet baby
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[quote=Pingu] And this goes to show, even if a cat has a problem and isnt perfect, they can be just as good or even better then any other cat.


How right you are. Bless you for taking care of this special baby and caring and loving her until the end.

RIP Sienna
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Wow, thank you all for the replies. It brought my eyes to tears But atleast now I know shes not in pain and where ever she is shes doing great.
Thank you all, it really helped.
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Originally Posted by catsknowme
Heaven must be full of kittens waiting in line for your dear little Sienna to give them a bath!

I am in tears. I hope sweet Sienna has found my three foster babies who died this spring! The picture of her bathing my B.B., Zero, and Hershey Kiss is too sweet. I'm sure they are missing the loving care of their Momma, and Sienna can offer them some loving care.

I am so sorry for your loss. She is at peace now. May your memories comfort you as you learn to live without your beautiful Sienna!
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