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Adopted Kitten Hiding

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i just adopted a 12 week old short hair kitten this morning, the adoption people said that this cat likes to be cuddled ect. it often hides under furniture and the bed and wont come out for anything! but when it is out, it will sit in my lap and let me pick it up with no problem, and it purrs alot. whenever i put it down though, it immedietly looks for something to go hide under or a small area to be in! is this normal?
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Since kitty has only been home for a day, this behavior is very, very normal.
She's undoubtedly a little scared and disoriented by her new surroundings. Give her a few days to settle in--don't try to force her to be social or affectionate, and she'll come around on her own, she just needs to get the lay of the land.
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I agree that it's very normal for a newly adopted kitty. My kitty hid for quite a while after he came to live with me - until he felt comfortable with his new home, his new food and with me.

Give your kitty time and space to make the adjustment and he/she will want to be around you more. A few treats might help.
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Maybe try limiting the amount of space kitty has free run of. It is easier to get to know one room than a whole house. Then in a day or two, expand the available space!

Congrats on your new kitty. This is the place to learn anything you need to know!
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ive been keeping it in my bedroom and computer room, and occasionaly taking it downstairs, we have another grown cat, who has a attitude, it hissed at the new kitty a few times but wont attack it or try to fight or anything, it sniffs the kitty and the carrier i brought the kitten home in alot
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Is IT a boy or a girl? He or she is more than likely missing mom and in a bit of shock. Let the kitten hide, be sure there is plenty of quality food for the kitten as well as fresh water and two litter pans. If you see that the kitten has not eaten in 24 hours please take the kitten to the vet to be checked out- this should be done anyway for the kitten's wellbeing
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its a she, she eats quite alot and uses the litterbox alot as well, and has also been starting to want to play alot
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I have done quite a lot of fostering of little ones...mostly from feral colonies & strays. It may sound & look a bit strange but to help socialize them, I lay flat down on the floor, so I am as low to the ground as the little one is and just talk softly. They usually come to me and get used to human voice. Eventually, your little girl will come out and be social when she "gets it" that you are friend. Good luck with her.
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Strange..I am having the EXACT same problem, with a 12-week old kitten I adopted yesterday. I know it's normal for her to be scared and hiding, but I haven't seen her at all since last night. I have checked my entire apartment and I am getting a little nervous, but I figure she just found a good hiding spot. I haven't heard her meow at all and I tried to put a collar with a bell on her last night but she ran away before I could. I figured I could hear her at least but since she doesn't have one on now I don't know what to do. I live in a smallish apartment but I really can't find her anywhere..Oh well, I hope she'll come around on her own, but I don't even think she's eaten today, I put out fresh food and water..poor kitten. Any advice or should I just wait it out for a little while longer?
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