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The Velcro Chronicles

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We just returned from picking up the cat that Pat & Alex rescued several days ago. Pat couldn't keep him,and the owner couldn't keep the cat inside, so I talked to Mike and we decided to go up and get him.

He is a lover, and was very unhappy in the carrier so after checking him out while we were stopped with both the pups and myself in the back of the truck, I let him out. He explored a bit, then either slept on my legs or next to China all the way home.

He is in the cat room, and is sleeping right now- there have been standard hisses and growls from the crew, but no one can really reach him. I will take him to the vet to be sure he is okay and then either he can blend with my crew, or if he can't get along, I will find a home for him-

Have a peek at this gorgeous boy. We are staying with what Pat called him. Mr. Velcro

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LOL, great Pics!!
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WOW he is a beauty! I love his markings!
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He is so gorgeous!
I still can't believe a cat that gorgeous was a stray. Best of luck getting him to blend in with your "herd".
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He is a definite "purrsonality" and a force to be reckoned with I think It is so good to see the photos, he looks relaxed and happy. Just what I wanted for him.

Thank you so much for the photos. I can't tell you how many times I thought I heard him on the back deck today..guess I really fell hard for this boy.

Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart for taking him. It was wonderful meeting you and Mike, though the visit was way, way too short.
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Yes it was short, but it was lovely to meet you finally and to see your gorgeous Curls- and I finally got to meet Patrick!
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heh..did you notice his automatic "Hi, I'm Patrick, you may admire me, every one loves me, Hi!" He's been Mr. Charisma since the day he could toddle walk
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Ooooo, he's so beautiful with such unique coloring and markings.
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That is a beautiful boy! I'm amazed at those markings!!
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He is a Snow-Marble Bengal
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Wow, isn't he gorgeous. He has quite the interesting coat.
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oh MaryAnne, Mr Velcro is simply adorable

you and Mike are amazing people with everything that you do - I sure wish I could come visit - maybe one day!
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That cat is so gorgeous and look at your new pup laying there. What cuties
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He has ice blue eyes this color of eyes.
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What A Handsome Boy!
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What a handsome boy! And little China looks so sweet just lying there with him.

I missed part of this story - did the owner decide to give him up? Or was he just left to wander, and rescued.
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he is so pretty!
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Oh i remember seeing his picture!. He's stunning And look how chilled out he is with the pups!

MA your brood must think "Mums brought in another one!" when they sniff them out
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Gorgeous colourings! I've seen a snow bengal before, but never a snow/marble one!
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Oh how beautiful...Velcro is a great name, with the unique markings..
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Originally Posted by Sammie5
What a handsome boy! And little China looks so sweet just lying there with him.

I missed part of this story - did the owner decide to give him up? Or was he just left to wander, and rescued.
I cared for him when he was clearly lost, took him to a no-kill shelter in my state, after several days, and later had a call from the owner who saw my "lost" posters.
They went to the no-kill and retrieved him (and the shelter neutered him...yah!). Within a little over a week, he was at my back deck window again, screaming to come in. He began a pattern of visiting daily, sometimes twice, and each time I'd take him home (I had learned when they called that one time, that he lived one block over on a parallel road...so went driving to see if I could find his house by names on the mailbox. I found his home because the door was wide open, with a bengal sitting on the front porch step).

I let them know if they ever wanted to give him up, I'd find him a good home. He kept coming over - making it clear to me and the owners that he really liked me, and seemed to think he now had two homes. We all worried he'd get hit by a car. They just could not keep him in, he kept getting out and running to my house.

Last week, they drove by while I was watering one of my flower gardens, stopped and asked if I would like him. I quickly said "yes!", and then wrote to MA, who had been kind enough to listen to all my frustrations and worries about him.
He is such a love...the look on his face when I finally "let him in" and picked him up for a good hug and kiss, was precious. I do love this boy and am so happy he's with MA, and that I get to hear Velcro stories and see pix of him for the rest of his life
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What a beauty!
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Thanks for the conclusion to that story. He is a beauty, and deserves a loving, caring home. He would definitely have gotten into trouble, being out wandering like that.

Can't wait to see how he fits in with the rest of the gang. He is going to think he has gone to cat summer camp, with all the attention he's going to be getting.
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Well he is fine with the dogs, we brought him downstairs last night so he could sleep with us. He is quick, and I do mean quick. We played with him a bit with Da Bird and man does he have speed! I went looking at other Marbled Bengals on the net last night, and he does favor them.

He has nose met most of the crew here- and there is much growling and tension this morning which is perfectly normal. New cat, new scent, alarms go off- the Alpha's start pummeling the other cats underneath them, this will go on for a few days till they sort it out.
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I bet he loved playing with da bird, and sleeping with you. Oh, he has a sweet spot under one ear (the left ear as I recall), just melts when dh would skritch him there (after we took him in).

I bet he and China become the best of friends
Btw, she is utterly adorable! Vader is handsome, but there is something so very, very sweet about Miss China
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Oh Velcro is gorgeous! I have never seen a cat with such markings. Glad you were able to take him into your home MA
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Mrowwr!!! He IS a handsome cat!!
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Pat & MA,
This story of how Velcro came into your lives, represents the best of what TCS is all about.
Congratulations Pat, MA & Velcro.
China...you are such a sweetie pie.
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Ok, I think he is a temporary boarder here Just had a friend express great interest in him. She and her husband live alone and she has been totally smitten by him. She is asking her hubby later today to consider adopting him! I couldn't think of a better home for him, and there is no other competition-
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He has a very handsome face! I hope he blends easy with your family...or that you find him a wonderful home if need be!
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