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Can I get some sleep? My new Cat Jinx

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Hi - I have a 11 year old cat and had another which I had to put to sleep on January 3rd (Great New Year, eh?).... It was the worst - I never had to make that horrible decision. Romeo and Jake had been together since they were 1 or 2 - I moved to a farm w/Romy and Jake was there along with about 15 other barn cats (all neutered and healthy I might add!). Jake is a very sociable animal. So when my Romy had to be put to sleep - very suddenly - he became very clingy, kinda depressed and a little aggressive w/me and I new I had to get another. I got Jinx last thursday and he's awesome. They are adjusting well, I have jinx in a bedroom for himself, and have started to let them see each other. They hissed the first time, but now, they eat breakfast about two feet from each other (Jake just outside the door, me in the middle and Jinxy in his room)and are perfectly content to do so. They still have not been in the house together because the shelter I got him from said to take it ssslllooowww.... Well Jinx is adjusting really well and Jake as well, but the problem is now that Jinx has began to explore, when I put him back in his room, he cries and cries. I feel bad, but worse, he does it ALL NIGHT. And Jake answers him! I think they really want to be together - Jake really was missing Romeo - they chirp at eachother and meow thru the door - and when they see each other there is no hissing or anything. What can I do to quiet Jinx down? I don't want to rush things and let them be together quite yet, because I really want this to go well. Jinx is still hesitant to go downstairs and I want him to be comfortable with the whole house. I think Jake just wants a friend. I DON'T want to rush things. Any suggestions??? Sorry so long, just thought I'd give the background. Also, I'm going skiing for 4 days, starting friday and coming back monday - my sister is staying @ the house and I don't want her to be kept up all night! I've never adopted an older cat (Jinx is almost 4), and I'm looking for some help!
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Gee I don't know. It almost sounds to me like they are ready for a little supervised play time together......
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Do you think? The woman where I got him said to do the kitty kennel thing on the floor first, but I think this might make Jinx feel trapped. I've never adopted an older cat so, how should I go about this? Should I just let them go up to each other and meet, or what?
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Do you have a room that you can close the door in to supervise and let them get a feel for each other?
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I have my bedroom, but Jake sleeps w/me every night and the other empty bedroom is Jakes. I was thinking, I could probably sit in the hallway on the stairs and they could kinda hang out upstairs and wander thru my room, Jinx's and Jakes together - do you think that's a good idea? (I'm just thinking to myself I must be crazy because my cats have their own bedrooms)
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Because of the death of his partner Jake is probably craving the companionship and because of that I would let them in together and see how it goes. You will see a lot of hissing and spitting which is normal as one is Alpha and the other has to acknowledge that, but unless they go tooth and nail together, I would let them be together under your circumstances.
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Well, here goes nothin.... I'm gonna go home and try - I just don't want to cause any unneeded anxiety keeping them separate, either. I love this site and the forums! Great job - keep it up! I will let you know in the AM how it went! Cross your double paws.....

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I hope it goes OK. I was thinking the same thing. Time for them to have supervised time together. Also, if, Jake sleeps with you, then why does Jinx need to be locked up at all??

I have a kitten and his name is Jinx too. Actually, its Jinxy, but we call him Jinx a lot. (among other things; Binky, Blinky, Binky Binx, Binky Bink Bomb)) Our kitties have always had their own rooms too!!! We had a 14 year old, Norton, who passed away this past summer. So then we got Jinxy. We had him for a couple of months and then we moved into a large new home. I was overly worried that he'd be lost and that he'd never find his litter box. We kept him in his designated room for maybe 2 days, but he cried all of the time. So we let him out. He figured out the whole house in no time, and figured out where his litter box was before we even had a chance to show it to him. I totally did not give Jinxy enough credit. So hopefully, your problem isn't as big as you preceive it to be. Give the little critters a chance, they may surprise you. (and spring Jinxy from his room!) Good luck, cant wait to see what happens tomorrow!

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Here's hoping all went well tonight! Anxiously awaiting your post tomorrow morning!
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Well I just wrote this LLOOOONNNGGG version of what happened last night but I lost it, so I'm gonna try an abridged version.

Everything went okay - Jake was fine - no hissing or anything - He's the goodest cat. We had our little dinner together, and then I just let Jinx walk out of the room, which he did like he's lived here forever. Walked by Jake, Jake just smelled him when he walked by and Jinx turned around and realized he just walked by him and just hissed a little and walked away. Then we just hung around upstairs - Jake went in Jinxy's room and smelled everything and Jinx was in the bathroom and other two bedrooms. Then Jake decided he wanted to go downstairs and Jinx followed behind. Then Jake was like "Cool - I'll get in my box and you attack me!" and Jinx was kinda nervous so obviously he didn't. and Jake popped his head out of the box like BOO! and Jinx was like AHHHHH! and ran upstairs and Jake ran after him but stopped @ the bottom of the stairs as if to say "Hey! where ya goin?!?". So I put Jinx back in his room cuz he was upset (not really bad or anything) and went out and did my stalls. Then I went to the pet store, got more canned food and stuff, so He had about an hour of time out. Then we had more "snacks" and I put Jake in his room w/food and Water and let Jinxy walk around for about three hours. Wouldn't come downstairs - only for a minute. So I'm gonna keep taking it slow, letting them see each other during feedings and maybe when I get back try again. I don't think they are going to have a problem, but Jake is just so thrilled to have a friend that he may be trying to play but it's scaring Jinxy. At Jinxy's foster home he was with a big cat that didn't play and kinda picked on him, so I'm sure he's waiting for that. Jake is right back to his old self, which I'm sooooo happy about 11 going on 2!

He was a little better last night - I put a radio in his room on low volume w/nice mellow music. I also left the hall light on, so there was a little light under the door. He cried around 3:30 and 4:30 and I got up around 5:30 and fed and let him out (w/Jake in his room), while I took a shower. He mews ALOT when he's out. Is that normal? He chirps and does little meows here and there.

Jinx is very comfortable with upstairs, So I will let him go at his own pace and see what happens. Here's a wierd thing he does - he eats cobwebs like they are treats sent from heaven. I kinda worry cuz number one EEEEEWWWWWW, and number two - I have long hair and stuff and don't want him to get sick from them. God only know's what's in cobwebs and dust bunnies :tounge2:. Not that I don't clean my house, but it's old and It's a farm and I'm clean but not anal retentive or anything. Anyone elses Cats eat cobwebs?

Thanks for letting me babble - I just want to do right by my kitties!
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Sounds to me like a purr-fect first introduction! Good job, Mom of TWO kitties!
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Thanks for all your help - I will let you know how things are - what do u think about the eating cobweb thing? What a wierdo.
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To Jacquie regarding him having to be locked up - I was gonna close my door and let him roam all night, but I'm scared he might get into something - my house is pretty big and where I had two cats that had been with me for so long, I have to kinda walk around and see what he gets into so if I have to remove items or whatever.... he's all over the place - on the tables in the closets, so, I'm gonna wait till I get back from Skiing (YEA I need it) to really start letting him stay out. He's still kinda shy about coming downstairs, too. With him eating cobwebs, God only knows what else he might eat. It's amazing when you have cats for so long, they don't bother w/stuff, and you don't realize how much they investigate when they are in a new environment!:tounge2:
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I think you are doing great!! My house is rather large too, so I know what you mean. About the cobwebs; I wouldn't worry about it. Kitties, I'm sure you already know, are pretty strange sometimes. Jinxy doesn't really do anything that weird, but if you read all of the posts on this board, you will see just how wacky other cats can be. I was reading about the one cat who will only drink his water with his paws in his water bowl!!! So, don't sweat it. You may want to try to go around and eliminate some of them in case something funky got in them though!!

It sounds like Jake will soon be thrilled to have a friend and that Jinx will definitely come around when he relizes that Jake is friendly. I truly belive this is going to work out really well for you all. You are very lucky.

Please keep us posted. Always interested!! Good luck.

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In my own experience with cats, anything in my home that has the cats scent on it is considered a familiar object and is no longer a source of interest. And anything that is a potential hazard like rubber bands, pins, and small buttons is kept where the cat can't get to it. If you do find Jinx doing things he shouldn't like chewing on electricial cords, a citrus scent sprayed near the cords is a very effective repellent. I'm sure Jinx will be fine once he feels at home.

I have never heard of a cat eating cobwebs before. Maybe it is something you could ask your vet about?
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Thats the kinda stuff I worry about, I have to really clean up tonite cuz he does like to eat stuff! Back to "like having kitten" stage, I guess, but It keeps me busy!
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