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Am I Overreacting?

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Last weekend I started seeing a stray wandering around my street. I was very concerned because it was in the high 90's and humid, the cat looked emaciated and he was crossing a main road. I put out food for him for a couple of days until I figured out what to do. I brought him to the MSPCA and told them that if no one adopted him, I would take him. I wasn't prepared for a second cat financially but I was willing to do it if it meant the other alternative was putting him to sleep. That night I couldn't sleep. I felt like I had put my own cat in the shelter. So the next day I called up and said I would take him.

Now, for the problem. I know it is asked frequently here about introducing a new cat. I also read the article about how to do this. I made the mistake the first day in letting them both hang around together. The new cat growled every time my resident cat approached him. My resident cat, Lily, just wants to be friends with him. She never hissess or swats, just sniffs him. The new boy cat, Stuart, keeps going after her and trying to fight. I feel like I have made a mistake taking him in. Maybe he would be better in a different home. I have seperated them now. So Stuart is in a seperate room. It has only been three days. Am I jumping the gun on thinking this won't work out? This whole thing has been so stressful and it makes me sad to see Lily so scared of this new cat. Any advice would be appreciated.
Thanks so much,
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When I introduced Lia (1.5 y/o fem.) to my cat Bambam (10 y/o male now deceased), they both hissed and tried to fight and what not. This continued for about 3 weeks, and then it began to die down. A friend had told me to take a cloth and rub it on one cat then on the other, in order to transfer their scents. Give them some more time. This may be Stuart's first real home; he is only defending himself and may be a bit confused. On the street, he was not confined to a space that he must share with another cat. He may feel threatened by her. Give him a few weeks, maybe a month to feel out his new surroundings Best of luck.
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If it's only been a few days, yes, you probably are a bit overreacting. It's hard, though, isn't it? I once promised a cat that I'd never bring another on in, because of her reactions to everything. That promise, of course, didn't work...LOL!

It takes time...and it takes patience. this forum is full of great suggestions on how to make the process easier, but it is a process...and like all processes, it takes time.

And thank you for taking Stuart in...he's blessed to have met you. And I'll bet pretty soon you and Lily will have a buddy, too.

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Did you take him into the vet and make sure he did not have any illnesses? I would hate for him to pass something on to your other cat. Is he also fixed? that might help the situation some, as well as keeping him healthy.
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Yes, he has been checked for FIV and Leukemia. He is fine, and he has had his shots. He was also just neutered 4 days ago. I know this is a lot for him. I am trying to be patient. I just really want it all to work out. I think they could have a lot of fun together. I am just hoping Stuart doesn't turn out to be the kind of cat that just simply doesn't like other cats. Last night I let him out of his room for a bit to hang out with Lily. Things went okay for a few hours, then he started going after her again. Hopefully this will get better with time...Thanks for all of your words of encouragement!
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When I introduced my cats it started like that eventually it moved into them playing. Just give them time.
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Things will probably work out. As others have said, give it more time for them to get used to each other.
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Maybe if they are ok for a few hours, you can put them together for 1 hour at a time, only. And do try feliway spray-it helps everyone feel cozy and friendly. Give Stuart some time. His toughness is what kept him alive all this time. And as time passes after the neutering, he will calm down even more.
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