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At what age are kittens the most active/playfull/crazy?

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You, know, when they run around like they have a rocked in their behinds, trying to tear the house appart? You know, running along the wall instead of the floor.... My kitten is only 8 weeks old yet; she was 7 when we got her and she is quite a bit more active now than when she first came (of course, she was malnurished and new to this place, so that may have played a role, + her age). I just wonder when they reach their peak and when they start calming down again.
I love kittens, but I actually love adult cats even more... Am I the only one attracted to adults more than cute little kitten fluff balls? Again, I do LOOOOVE kittens as well though.
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Calming down? What's that?

I'd say about at a year.
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I have heard that the peak is when they are about 6 months but every kitten is different. I know our kitten was really energetic at 3-4 months and then got really crazy at 6 months and then started settling down after that but he still has those moments : ).
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I say an average of 6 - 12 months is the crazies times.
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Oliver was pretty wacky until he was at least a year old, I've noticed in the past year he's slowed down a bit (he's 3 now) and he's noticeably less loony than our one year old!
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I'd Say About 1 Year!!
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wow...mine are just 10 weeks old.

my poor knick-knacks!

oh well, snooker and blossom look so cute when they are climbing all over my video collection...i just can't be frustrated with them.
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Mine are four months, so I know how you feel! I can't tell you how many things have broken in this house! CJ, who is a year and a half, is still like a kitten... she's still a psycho cat!
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My boys are just over a year old, one is still as hyper and destructive as a kitten, one is laid back mellow boy.
My one year old girl is still hyper and really destructive!
She chews things up worse than any puppy I've ever had.

Normally though, most cats start calming down between 10 to 15 months.
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I agree 6 months to a year. Mooch and Noodles are just about 6 months now too......
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funny, we're just now entering the 5 month crazzies. we'll be cuddling and loving and then all of a sudden the eyes get big and watch out...the wild thing emerges! it's almost like we're still discovering new naughty things to try everyday.

our babies sure do keep us on our toes!
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