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We really need some wibes

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If you have some good vibes to spare, please send some over! I am absalutely certain that the vibes and good thoughts a prayers I have got from my friends on TCS in the past have really made difference.

The thing is the my darling Pollýanna has to have yet another operation since she had develloped a new tomour and the vet wants to do it asap before it spreads, if it´s cancer, or before it turnes into cancer it´s still a "good" tumour.

I am so worried for her, she has had so many operations in her life, and after her last operation it took her 24 hours just to gain some conciousness, and couldnt walk for about 10 days. I am sooooo afraid that this time she just wont wake up, but at the same time I cant not let her have the operation.

I love her so much, she one of, if not THE most important person in my life, well one of 3 or so. I know I should be thankful for having had 9 years with her, and I knew fromt he start that cats dont live as long as humans, and she allmost died last year, I was so thankful for every recovery and every extra day with her, but I dont want this to be the time when I have to say goodbye, of course no time will be the time I am ready for that.

"My" vet is on maternity leave, and comes back on September 15th and I want to wait for her, instead of letting someone who doesnt know Pollýanna or her whole story, but I am afrait that will be too long.........

I am just so so so very sad, I just wanted to went and look for support, since you guys would understand. My s/o understands though how really much I love her, he would do everything he could for her.

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I am so sorry to hear about Pollyanna.

Are they other doctors in the practice or perhaps another vet they can refer you to? Perhaps even a speciaist you could take her to?
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This must be so incredibly difficult for you, Sesselja. I know you love precious Pollyanna so very much. She's your baby and your dearest friend. Nine years are not enough. I am praying for your baby's prompt return to health. Please do keep us updated. Please get well soon, darling Pollyanna!
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Oh Sesselja, Im so sorry to hear this.......I'm sending all the good vibes I can muster, and I truly believe in them too. Please know that we are all here for you.......give Polly a kiss from me and TTP, ok? Please keep us posted!!
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Sesselja, I'll keep you and Pollyanna very close to my heart, and I am sending all of the best healthy vibes to her that I can! I know how dear she is to you.
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Thank you so much! I knew you would understand and send some vibes our way. I sit here with tears running down, I dont know what to my sister pointed out, at least I have always done everything possible for Pollýanna, she has been ill one way or the other since she was a tiny kitten. But I am still not ready

I feel like she knows something, recently she has been sticking to me like a stamp to an envelope, cuddling and purring, ususally we have a silent understanding, she is usually close to me, but lies by my side or very close, but now its like nothing is close enought unless she is closer than close and really showing me how much she loves me.

Sorry if I sound crazy.
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Sesselja...I am so sorry that you and your precious Pollyanna are going through this difficult time.
I will be praying that your sweet girl has many more years with you.
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
This must be so incredibly difficult for you, Sesselja. I know you love precious Pollyanna so very much. She's your baby and your dearest friend. Nine years are not enough. I am praying for your baby's prompt return to health. Please do keep us updated. Please get well soon, darling Pollyanna!

Couldn't have said it any better. I'm sorry that you are faced with having to decide on whether to wait or go ahead with her surgery Sending many prayers your way
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I am so sad that Pollyanna has to face another surgery. I hope she recovers quickly from the anesthetic this time. Best of luck to you both at this stressful time!
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Many good vibes for Pollyanna, and for you, too, Sesselja! What a tough time!
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Sesselja, I am so sorry to hear that Pollyanna requires another operation! I am sure that she will be well and I think she is showing you how much she loves and trusts you to take care of her - she know's you'll take care of her no matter what!

I'm sending loads of Healthy Pollyanna }}}VIBES{{{ and lots of calming }}}VIBES{{{ to you! and lots of to keep you going!
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Oh Sesselja - I'm sending tons of vibes Pollyanna's way. I hope that it all goes well and she recovers really quickly.
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What a difficult time for you. I hope all goes well and that your little one comes out of it much better.
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sending LOTS & LOTS of get healthy quickly vibes to your sweet Pollyanna from across the ocean my dear friend

Please keep us updated and know that your always in our thoughts
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Poor baby, lots of {{{get well soon}}} vibes coming her way
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Adding more good and get well vibes to Pollyanna
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Lots of get well vibes headed Polyanna's way!
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I am sorry I didnt post back in this thread for a while. I ment to, but......I have been so tired since I started my new job AND - can you believe it......I have had computer problems! I think I have bad computer carma! It all started when the electicity went off the whole neighbourhood a while ago, or, that might be coincidental, maybe I got a bad computer bug, but nothing was working or responding for days, now I got it mostly working, as long as I dont have more than 2 programs open, but sometimes everything stops responding A friend of my s/o is gonna try to figure this out, but he has been too busy the last week.
I am afraid to get on TCS at work, especially as I am so new, allthough I have logged on a couple of times


First of all I want to thank you SO much for all your vibes and good thoughts!!!
This all really means so much to me!

Then I am so happy to let you know, that all the vibes and prayers seem to be working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The lump in Pollýanna started to get smaller!!!! I talked to the vet today, and she wanted to pospone the operation and was very puzzled but happy about the "not" growing lump, since she said it was a typical hard tumour lump. She said I should monitor this lump very well, and around her other nipples as well (she only has 4 alltogether, after the last operation when 4 nipples went off along with all the tumours then), and take her in as soon as any changes were found.

So.......keep sending those magical vibes, cause they really work!

Best regards from a happy Sesselja
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That's wonderful to hear about Pollyanna! Keeping the good vibes coming!
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My thoughts are with you and your beautiful Pollyanna - I believe very strongly in the power of love and if she loves you as much as you do her (which I'm sure is true) then you may be amazed at her resilience.

Big hugs and vibes and love for you and Pollyanna - I know everything will work out
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I'm so pleased that Pollyanna's lump is not getting any bigger! This Board magic truely works!

Here are some continued good health }}}VIBES{{{ for sweet Pollyanna!

...and some be good computer }}}VIBES{{{ for you!
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