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Links to buy sisal scratcing post?

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I am trying to find a good link to buy a scratching post for my cat; I'd like to get one that's made out of sisal fabric, not just the rope or carped410000000 SORRY! The cat is stepping on my key board... I meant to say: not just the rope or carpeted posts. Do you know of a good place on the internet to buy one?
My 8 week old Jasmine loves to step on the key board when I'm typing... If I take her off she'll often come right back. I think she's attracted to my fingers typing... Those sweeeeeet kitties!!!
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I bought my cats a sisal fabric covered scratching post from a seller on Ebay. They also have a business website too, but the prices are slightly higher there. I can PM you the seller's name if you want.

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Thank's, MissCharlotte, that's excactly what I was looking for! I'll be either ordering soon or making one myself!
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Yes, my cats really love it. I have it placed next to the door (along wall) and, just about every time either of my two cats pass it, they scratch it. This scratching post is 30" tall. I preferred this style because it had the flat top. I figured if neither cat liked it, then I could use it as a flat surface for something. I'm proud to say, the cats are using the post for what it was intended....scratching.
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Originally Posted by MissCharlotte
I'm proud to say, the cats are using the post for what it was intended....scratching.
I'm glad to hear that!! My little kitty is starting to scratch here and there, all over seems like, so I know I need to do something. I've tried to go over to her when I hear her going at it, but she stops when she hears me... I'd wanna try to redirect her to play with something instead, but so far I'm never quick enough... I don't have time to chase after her all day! Maybe a post will help. But she's too young for cat-nip, which they say to rub it in with to get it more attractive.
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It can very frustrating to teach a kitten how to use a scratching post. Izzie was about 3 months old when I bought the scratching post. Everytime I heard her scratch the sofa or something I did not want her to scratch, I would walk over to her, firmly say "no", and place her in front of the scratching post. I would, then, scratch the post with my nails so she could see what she should be scratching. The sound of my nails also got her interest too. I've read that a person should not force a kitten/cat to scratch a post by grabbing their cat's paws. Apparently, the cat will learn to associate this as a negative action with the post. It takes time and patience. I know it probably took Izzie at least a month or longer to really start scratching the post more than the sofa. It's worth it if you are willing to put in the effort. Good luck.

Oh. You could try placing treats around the post too if you don't think your cat will react to the catnip.
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You could also just make your own! Sisal rope in various thicknesses is available at most hardware stores. Just buy a heavy wood plank for a base, a 2x4 or a 1x4 for the post, nail them together and then wrap the sisal tightly around the post. You can either put a few nails in to make the sisal stay, or you can find someone to loan you a staple gun (better). I made my own cat house: 5 ft tall with three platforms and a tube at the bottom, with carpet in the tube and on the platforms and sisal on the posts that hold it up. Total cost was $60, and total time to put it together was 3 hours. Very stable, the cats love it, and I'd have had to pay at least $150 to get something like it from a store. Sometimes it's worth paying for the convenience of having someone give it to you already made, but I thought I'd suggest another option, too.
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