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Meeko is in the hospital.

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I am so upset right now - I just left Meeko at the animal hospital. The past couple of days he has thrown up - he is a nervous cat, and I am moving soon, so I have been packing and moving furniture, etc., so I thought this was just upsetting him and that was why he'd thrown up (in the past that has been typical for him). Well, this morning when I left for work, he was fine, and then when I got home this evening, I discovered him lying in the house on his cat tree lethargic and not moving, and four piles of vomit around the apartment, so he had obviously been throwing up all day. I rushed him to the animal hospital and my poor, poor baby is seriously dehydrated from all the throwing up. They have put him on an IV and given him an injection of something to calm his stomach, and he has to stay at the hospital tonight and all day tomorrow so that they can monitor him. They are going to do blood work tonight and will have the results tomorrow morning, so that they can see if something major (kidney failure, etc.) is causing this. If the blood work rules out any major diagnoses and he doesn't throw up tomorrow, then I can bring him home tomorrow evening, which is what I am hoping for. If they find something serious in the blood work, or they don't but he throws up more, then he will have to stay at the hospital to be treated and/or to have more tests done. I am just totally crushed - leaving him there just killed me, as I know he will be scared there overnight all alone (he usually sleeps on my chest), especially when he is not feeling well, and I am so scared that this could be something serious. This couldn't come at a worse time, either, as I am flying out Sunday night to Alberta for two weeks - so I have a very short time to figure out whether he is okay or whether I need to cancel everything. If he does not vomit in the next two days and seems stable, I will be taking him with me so that I can keep a very close eye. If he does, either I am cancelling, or he will need to stay in the hospital for treatment anyway, depending on what they find. I am just so scared for him - if anyone can spare any good vibes Meeko's way that this is just something minor like gastritis and not something serious, and that he's better tomorrow after getting the IV fluids and medication, I would so, so appreciate it.
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I'm sorry to hear that... I hope he just has a bug and his blood work turns out ok!!
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I'll keep him in my prayers!
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I am so sorry about Meeko. You must be so scared on top of all the stress of moving ! I am sending TCS vibes your way. I hope that in the morning the vet will report great progress from the IVs and meds he is being treated with
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Poor Miko. I hope it's nothing serious, and that he is feeling better soon. Keep us posted.
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Oh, no! I know you are scared to death for him! Maybe it's just a touch of stomach irritation.
Perhaps he just ate a bad bug?
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vibes for meeko
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I'm sending many vibes to Meeko. I know how worried you must be, I hope he's okay and it's nothing serious.
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I am sending all my thoughts and prayers to Meeko. He is just an adoreable kitty. Hopefully it is nothing serious and is just apprehensive about the move!
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Kylie, you must just be so incredibly upset tonight. I'm praying for precious Meeko that the interventions being taken will be completely effective and he will feel brand new tomorrow and sending lots of peace your way! Please feel better, little boy!
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Lots of Prayers and Vibes for Meeko
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Sweet Meeko...I am praying that you have a fast recovery little one.
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Awww...feel better soon, Meeko!
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Poor baby!
Keep us posted, okay?
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I am so sorry Meeko is ill Sending mega healing vibes to Meeko.
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I hope Meeko is okay and my prayers are with him and you. I hope the blood work turns out fine. Taffy and I are crossing our fingers and toes.
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Both you and Meeko are in my thoughts and prayers. I know how scary the not knowing can be. Think positive and try to get some rest tonight. Keep us posted.
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I believe in miracles. My dachshund was a miracle. She was at the vet, full og IV, he brain was inflammed, she didn't even recognize us. We were a day away from putting her down.

Then the next day, she recognized us, and started eating again... and has been home with us since. This was 3 years ago.
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Good vibes coming from all of us for Meeko. As if you didn't have enough to worry about right now.
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(((((mega healing vibes)))))) on there way here as well Please let us know asap how he is
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Well, I just talked to the vet - Meeko has not thrown up again all night or morning (however, they were withholding food) and the results of his bloodwork came back totally normal except for showing that he is dehydrated, which we already knew. They are going to start offering him food around noon to see if he can eat and hold it down, and will continue to medicate him and give him IV fluids today - if he does not throw up for the rest of the day, then I can pick him up at 6:00 tonight! Thank you all so very much for all your vibes and thoughts and kind words, I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. If everyone could continue with good vibes that he can hold down the food and come home tonight - and that this is just gastritis, which is what the vet is hoping at this point - that would be wonderful - thank you all again!
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That is great news to hear that Meeko is doing better...
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Poor Baby!

Lots of good vibes heading out to Meeko.
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Update number two - I called the vet to check if he had been able to keep down the food they had given him, and found out that he wasn't eating at all, so I took a can of his food over and they let me offer it to him (my poor baby looked so sad in his little cage , it broke my heart) - at first he wasn't interested, but I offered it to him on a fork, bite by bite, and that got him eating - he ended up eating around 3 tablespoonfuls of canned food, and I got to spend some time with him. So now we have to wait and see if he throws up what he ate - if not, then he will be coming home tonight, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks again, everyone!
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Glad to hear that he is doing better and eating.....saying a prayer that it was just stress and that you can take him home tonight. Hugs.
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I hope you get to take him home tonight too! *crosses fingers* Let us know!
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I will keep my fingers crossed that Meeko is able to keep his food down & comes home tonight.
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Keeping my fingers crossed for Mister Meeko!!
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Healthy vibes for Meeko so he can come home tonight!!
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