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been on holiday

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took a few days off.toured round wales,fantastic veiws really warm weather.then went onto wiltshire,saw avebury (stone circles) and stayed on a lovely camp site. one of the other campers had brought their cats with them a mummy cat,a daddy cat,and 4 lovely kittens 4 weeks old.i fell in love straight away with a long haired tabby female.i took some piccys and will post them 2morrow but charlie said no i couldnt have any more cats3s enough the kittens are being held by a very nice (single 16 yrd old young man)
im off to bed as its been a long day
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congrats!!! for spend a lovely day!
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Sounds like you had a good time!, you'll have to post some pics!
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What a nice holiday! Can't wait for the pictures!
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Yes, pics please!
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i'm so jealous! i love WALES!!

Wanted to go on a good old fashioned camping or caravanning holiday with my bf this year but many places wouldnt rent to us because we are under 22 (we're both 21!).

i'd love to see the stone circles so post pics asap!
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