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Hostile kitty at the vet

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Anyone else have a cat that gets extremely hostile and angry at the vet's office. She growls and hisses like I've never seen. She lashes out at anyone who comes near her, including me. The vet hasn't even been able to examine her in the past 2 years for fear of getting bitten. I think she's a kitty that is easily over-stimulated. So, when we go into the vets office, she gets overwhelmed by all the smells from other animals and goes into major defense mode. The vet suggested a tranquilizer for her next visit because I'd really like to have her examined. I'm not too keen on drugging her up, but would as a last resort. Anyone have any other ideas?
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My good boy is upset while in the crate, but as soon as I take him out he sits on my lap like a perfect gentelman.....sorry to hear yours is such a bugger....
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Yeah, the second we leave and I get her crate situated in the car, she's fine. But inside the office, it's terrible.
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Oliver is good at the vet, and Emma is fine UNTIL its time to cut her nails, then WATCH OUT! She nearly beheaded the vet tech!
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Mac is not quite THAT bad but he does usually get a RED STICKER on his chart as a warning.
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Don't feel bad! My oldest daughter has a cat named Daisy who is the same way. The vet and his techs won't handle her because they are afraid of her. She bites, kicks, scratches and screams. My daughter has to hold her, because then at least Daisy is managable. Sometimes it takes Kristal and her boyfriend to hold her. It was suggested to her that perhaps on her next visit they give her a tranquilizer before she comes to the office. Daisy by nature is not a nasty cat although she is not the most sociable cat.

Dozen2Luv (Regina)
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Can the vet come out to your car to examine her (a little unconventional)?
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I would try Resue Remedy. It's all natural and was recommended by both my vet and by the holistic vet specialist. You can find it at almost any health food store and it costs about $15. Here's what it looks like -

My vet suggested one drop 30 minutes before the vet visit and another drop 15 minutes later (in his mouth / on his tongue). It is designed to help with anxiety, stressful situations and traumatic events. I've heard it's more/less effective for different cats so your experience may be different. It made an AMAZING (!!!!) difference for my cat. He was totally relaxed and mellow about going to the vet after I started using Rescue Remedy. I think it's definitely worth a try.

Good luck! Let us know how it goes.
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P.S. Another thing I did was this - I pre-arranged with the vet's office that when I arrived at their office I would "check in" by calling from my cell phone. My cat and I waited in the car until they had an exam room ready. They would then call my cell phone and kitty and I went directly in the front door and straight into the exam room.

It minimized the trauma for my kitty of being around dogs and other animals. HTH!
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An old cat of mine used to flip straight onto his back right against me on the table and then have all four paws, claws extended, ready to take anyone on and teeth too, ears laid back.
The vet needed gloves AND 2 assistants
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My cat and my parents cat just owww-wallll a lot. They sound so pitiful, but they are not mean. I guess because our vet does not usually have that many dogs or other cats in the waiting room.
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My angel kittie (RIP) Bud used to put up somewhat of a fight, then he would methodically plan the attack on the vet. She loved him though and never got injured beside a little scratch. He was never like that until he had fatty liver disease and had the be poked and prodded every day. My vet loved him, and was very sad when I finally did have to have him PTS. He was our miracle kitty that had survived the FLD.
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I have a patch Tabby named Maggie.
They have to put her in a kitty straight jacket of sorts. She doesn't like strangers at all. I think it is normal for some cats to be upset in a strange place.
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Pixie is exactly like that. You would think she was in a torture chamber with the way that she reacts. She'll try to scratch, bite, and claw her way away from the vet and that's before he's even touched her. She was at the vet a couple weeks ago (1st time at this vet, but she was like this with the other vet too) and the vet tech definitely had her hands full trying to keep her still without sustaining major injury. They were a little surprised that she acted like this, bc they know my other kitty and he's the type that will purr on the vet table. She's not the most social cat either, though for some reason she's been improving with that lately. Thankfully she doesn't have to go to the vet too often.

Sorry I don't have any real advice for you, but at least you know you're not alone!!
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