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He's still sick!

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Well Jordan is STILL sick. His temp was 104.5 all weekend, Monday it came down to 103, but has stayed there all week. By tuesday morning he was constipated & I had to get some more meds from the vet. From Saturday on all he's eaten is chicken baby food. Tuesday night he became so stuffed up he now refuses to eat all together. When I talked to vet on Tuesday she said he should started to get better "in the next day or two". So if he's not better tomorrow she's getting another call. Here's our twice a day routine: Take his temp, give him anti-viral supplement, give him anti-constipation med, give him anti-biotic, Give him 50 cc sub-q fluids & force feed. I'm very tired & I just need to see some improvement. If he ends up going to the vet again tomorrow, what should I expect for treatment? I'm so sad I miss him very much, he's there physically, but his wonderful personallity is gone.
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Oh gosh, I am so sorry. Sending good vibes to you. HAng in there. I am heading home shortly to give my little guy his anti biotics too (and take his temp again)
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Ah poor Jordan. I know how tiring it can get..I really do. Wishing for improvement soon,
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Good health vibes headed Jordan's way!
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Well this morning was a good day. I got up & took Jordan's temp it was 102.0 right on the nose. So I was happy about that, but since he still didn't eat last night I was debating about calling the vet. I went to the kitchen & fed the other kitties. I turn around & there's Jordan looking up at me like "Where's my breakfast?" So I humored him & set a bowl of his dry food in front of him. To my supprise he dug right in. He didn't finish his whole breakfast, but close. So I think he's well on his way to being better & I'm so happy.
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That is good to hear! I always find it so frustrating when my cats are sick because they can't really communicate how they feel to me, so I can't tell if they're feeling better or worse, feeling awful or just a little under the weather.
Glad to hear your boy is on the mend!
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