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Quki seems smaller.

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I do plan on taking her to the vet but until I can get there, maybe I could get some ideas on what may be going on with her.

She looks as if she has lost weight. When I pet her I can feel her spine and ribs. She is long haired so it could be that she has shed alot. I dont know........she is eating fine and seems to be normal with her attitude and spunk but she just seems so small anymore. Any thoughts?
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How old is she? If she's older than 7 or so, I would definitely recommend getting a blood panel done that includes checking the thyroid levels. Hyperthyroidism is a common and *treatable* disease in older cats. One of the most common symptoms is weight-loss in spite of a good (or even increased) appetite.
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She is about 4 or 5 years old...not sure exactly. She was a youngster when she showed up but not a little kitten.
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I would recommend the vet do a blood work up...
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Let me try this again, my first reply didn't get posted.

I agree with the above posters - it will help to rule things out. Have her stool checked, her teeth and gums, a blood panel.

Please keep us posted. Trust your instincts..if you feel something isn't quite right, it isn't.
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I just called my vet. I got lucky, they have an opening on Saturday. So we'll get that little girl taken care of. Question, she usually goes out side but she does use her litter box from time to time. How old can the stool be or do I have to chase her around until she poos.
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I know that the fresher the better, but I would think the night before would be okay, so long as you (gulp...lotsa zip lock baggies!) refrigerate the sample.
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Thanks Pat & Alix I have two days to try to find one fresh. Oh..and thanks to everone else too.
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My babies are indoor-only, but I find it easiest to get samples from them first thing in the morning. I keep them in my bedroom with me overnight, and then I let them into the bathroom withe the litterbox first thing when they get up.
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