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Newbie~Other options to having food on floor or table

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My name is Sue. I have 1 dog and 2 cats. The dog has been with us for 1 year while the cats are 8 and 10 years old. Maine coon and Persian. I have to put the dry and wet food on a table in my dining room to keep it away from the dog. Well it does not look very attractive. Unfortuately I have no other ideas. I do keep a "screen" in front of it so you don't see it when you come in the house but still.

Any ideas?
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Check this

I have seen that and other similar feeders....may be a thought
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You could try feeding them in another room and buying a baby gate, putting it about 6-8 inches from the floor, just high enough for the cats to get under.
That's how I keep my dog from snacking at the litterbox.
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We have a front-load washing machine. Our cats dine on top of it.
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Thanks for all of the good ideas. Currently I am thinking about getting a nice folding screen instead of the fiberboard I am using to screen off the area. I have a saparate table made from an old outdoor shutter that is black and had used it for my plants so the cats get a bit cramped in the winter months.

Keep the ideas coming. It's so interesting.

FYI I have had alot of luck with the Feliway for my persian who has been peeing (marking) my bed. It works really.

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I have a large carrier sitting on the kitchen floor. I keep the continuous feeding bowl in it. I saved one of those large popcorn tins from Christmas, and keep extra food in it. The tin sits in front of the carrier, holding the wire door open and keeping the dog out. But the cats can easily walk inside the carrier to eat! Not very fancy, but no one at my house is afraid of the carrier!

(That's how I started the habit, to help a semi-feral foster get used to the carrier!)

Here you can see the edge of the carrier/feed station behind the chair 'o cats!
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My kitties have thier food on top of thier kennel. It's a big wire thing but I have cardboard on top. I guess that could be considered tacky but oh well! Works for us!
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mine eat on the far counter... cause pups allergic..
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Depends on how big the dog is. We just put ours on top of a couple of Rubbermaid tubs, using the same idea you could use a trunk or something that's a bit more attractive.

But then I have a Pekingese. Not known for their jumping ability
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