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TV shows

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I am sure we have discussed this before, but it has been quite awhile, and since we have several new members, I thought I'd bring it up again.
Just wondering what all TV shows you all like to watch in particular. Are there any that you are "addicted" to?

I am of course hooked on Survivor and Big Brother when they are on, and I also watch Alley McBeal on a regular basis. ( it was good tonight by the way...I love Jon Bon Jovi, who is on it now)

I also watch the OZ series on HBO every Sunday night. Definately not one for children, though..it gets a little rough!

I just started watching the Real World last week, when the Chicago series first aired. I have never watched it much before, but have caught bits & peices of it when my step-daughter was watching it, and decided to give it a try this time around.

Others that I enjoy are Fear Factor, Everybody Loves Raymond, Will & Grace, Friends, Yes Dear, King of Queens, That 70's show, Frasier, and I am sure I am forgetting a few others.

So which ones do you all enjoy?
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Oh...I forgot to add...I have been watching As The World Turns, or as my hubby calls it...As The Stomach Turns... :LOL: for about 20 years now. I have to tape it while I'm at work every day.
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I like-Days of our lives, GH, Medical Detectives, Pet project, Any Horror shows.
My sister likes-Alot of shows on Teletoon, All WWF programing, That 70's show, The simpsons, Futurama, king of the hill, any horror shows and all of the above shows.
My Oldest brother likes, WWF Shows, Futurama and the simpsons, Family guy, King of the hill, The Crocodile hunter.
My mom likes anything on TLC and her soaps.
My dad likes any star trek shows, Futurama and the simpsons, King of the hill, Malcom in the middle,
My little brother likes anything Scooby doo, DragonBall Z, Pokemon, Digimon, Robot wars and wrestling.

There is tons more, but way too much to list!
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Oh gosh, well I watch All my Children during the day.

And as far as primetime, I like Fear Factor, Survivor, and my hubby and I watch anything on Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, and TLC. Of course I know I am forgetting something, but I think those channels about cover it!!
Oh, I like The View if I am home at that time ( 11am here ), and I try to catch the nightly news at either 5 or 6.

Boring, huh??????????????
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Raymond - King of Queens - Becker....Monday nite is MY TV nite! Milllionaire show. Survivor. Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune.
Friends.......70's show - Malcome in the Middle.......X'files....any old Sci-fi! Oh, I could go on and on......
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My absolute favorite is Boston Public!! I love that show. I also like Everybody Loves Raymond, Fear Factor and the Sopranos. I haven't been able to watch alot of these lately since I go to school at night.
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I like to watch the Cartoon Network and Animal planet. I love the Family Feud, Price is Right, Wheel of Fortune, Jeporday, Behind the Music on Vh1, New Detectives(I love how they search for clues), I like to watch Supermarket Sweep, Shot til you drop, Candid Camera, Miracle Pets. I've found this new channel called The Game Show Network. It has old game shows like The Newlyweds, Family Feud with Richard, Password, Press Your Luck, $100,000 Pyramids, The Match Game 1 and 2, Greed, Card Sharks. I like to watch Nick at Night with Family Ties, Golden Girls, Benson, Different Strokes, and others like it. But my alltime favorite is Touched by an Angel(the show bring me to tears.)
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Tuesday night... Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Thursday night.. Survivor (not till next month though)
Sunday.......... Any home improvement show on HGTV

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Oh ya... I also forgot I like the series, Sex & the City on HBO also.

Hubby mainly watches the discovery channel or Court TV
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My husband and I love to watch The Learning Channel. I especially like the medical shows, like the ER shows and Maternity Ward and Labor and Delivery. Last night we watched Maternity Ward, and I kept telling hubby to look at the cute babies, and he just kept saying "No more babies!" I'm glad that we get Discovery Health channel now that we have Direct TV. Our cable company didn't carry it.

We also really enjoy watching Trading Spaces. That can be a really funny show.

I don't think we watch any shows on network TV at all. Except Survivor when it's running.
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Ok, well I am absolutely addicted to Survivor (and the MOLE before it was taken off!)I also enjoy Personal TLC, CSI, and ANYTHING sports (particularly PURDUE sports)...I enjoy stuff on MTV, oh yea and King of Queens, Yes, Dear and My Wife and Kids...I also enjoy watching Scooby DOo and the Smurfs when they are on!!
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In no particular order: Sopranos, 3rd Watch, ER, anything Star Trek, and all Seinfeld reruns.
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CSI, ER Animal Precinct, Gilmore Girls, Cops, Forensic Detectives
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The West Wing, anything Star Trek, other posthumous Roddenberry series (Andromeda, Earth Final Conflict), Carol Duvall (HGTV), Ballykissangel, Mulberry, Waiting for God, Changing Rooms, As Time Goes By, Red Dwarf, Yes Minister, Chef! (if only they'd make some new epidsodes), The Practice, Family Law, Roseanne reruns, Nova, National Geographic, anything about Egypt or aliens, romantic comedy type movies (I like a happy ending), Hetty Wainthrop, Gormenghast, Neverwhere.

I don't much care for reality tv. I prefer to be told a story.

I like miniseries, but I wish they'd show them once a week over 6 weeks instead of on six consecutive nights.

I don't actually get to watch all this in a week, I just like to watch them when I get the chance.
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I love Ally McBeal and will and grace I was totally addicted to all suvivors
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Absolute must see Alias & Gilmore Girls.
I have an addiction to reality TV - my hubby says I need a 12 step programme.
I also enjoy Who's Line is it Anyway (prefer British version), West Wing, Enterprise & anything on TLC, Life or Bill Kurtis production (eg Investigative Reports).
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Monday: Boston Public, 3rd Watch, Crossing Jordan
Tuesday: Gilmore Girls, Frasier, Scrubs
Wednesday: Dawsons Creek, Felicity/Glory Days, Law & Order
Thursday: Charmed
Friday: Reba
Saturday: noting in particular
Sunday: Alias, The Practice

I miss this shows when there is stuff that has to be done.

I love Buffy & Angel but my husband doesn't so we compromised with Dawsons Creek and Felicity since he doesn't like them either.
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Oh Hissy...you reminded me...I also love Cops and Forensic files!
And Dawn...that trading spaces show is really neat...I love watching them redo each others rooms!
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Trading Spaces must be the American version - I've never seen it - of Changing Places, which is British. Two families / roommates do over a room in each other's home in a weekend, with the help of a designer and a limited budget.

I also like the British Robot Wars better than any of the American versions. I know of 2 - one that makes it seem like pro wrestling with radio controlled cars, and one with Frank Zappa's kid who is just plain annoying. I think it's because it's so understated; I find Americans in general are prone to hype. (Personal opinion, spoken by an American.)
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Sunlion - You're right, Trading Spaces is the American Version. Seems we get a lot of great TV shows from other countries!
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Sunlion, I've seen Changing Places too, and it is really good as well. They are pretty much the same...I like them both. I think it would be fun to have someone do a room in my house, and I would do one in theirs....(with lots of help, of course )
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I like Crossing Over,The Practice, The Weakest Link,First Monday,E.R., The Guardian, and most of all Judging Amy...I like anything with Tyne Daily in it.
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The only thing I like is Forensic Files, The System ...anything Court TV and the news...morbid huh? :laughing2 Oh, and for sports; a good bodybuilding show whenever it hits ESPN.

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Whose Line is it Anyway- best show to just sit back and giggle!
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Temptation Island II
Real World
Lifetime Movie Network
Discovery Channel (some of the shows)
Strong Medicine
......... and a bunch of others.........
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Tigger...I am watching Real World, this time around, too! I have never watched the whole thing before, only caught bits of it here and there when Brooke was watching it...but it looks really good this time, and so far I really like it!
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Just FYI, I run a message board for reality television (survivor, real world, temptation island, the mole, fear factor, trading spaces,combat missions,amazing race etc). If you'd like the url, click the "website" button at the bottom of this post.

I love Trading Spaces and I was addicted to Big Brother II. I also have been watching the new season of The Real World (after not watching since the first season.)
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I like to watch:

Becker, Everybody Loves Raymond, Family Law,

Judging Amy, Survivor (I think Jeff's really cute),

ER, Providence, Designing Women,

The Golden Girls (although starting to get a little depressed when watching because they stay the same age and one day I'm going to be older than they are--just a happy thought),

Match Game, Jeopardy (and every now and then I know an answer), What's My Line, Any Day Now, Mad About You, Winnie the Pooh
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i'm "hooked" on way too many shows; ER, Ally McBeal, CSI, Survivor, Law & Order (any & all) Friends...

i have to cut back, or i will be looking back on my life in 50 years and probaly have memories
that arent even mine
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Hey, welcome back Blue! Haven't seen you posting for a while
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