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Vet had cat for adoption

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I took Freckles to the vet this morning to check on his teeth. They had a cat in a cage in the lobby. Turns out she's a stray and they're looking for a home for her. I've been having dreams about adding a female cat. I know the reasons why I can't - I live in a 1 bedroom apartment, the two I have now have cost me a lot of money in vet bills this year, I don't know if another cat would fit in. Yet I feel bad leaving her there. I can walk by cats in Petco, but this feels somewhat different. I'm trying to be responsible, I know I can't take in every cat I see. So I'm just hoping that the kitty finds a good home soon.
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why dont you sponser a cat at a local shelter/foster home?

the shelter by me ask for sponsors for the old/hard to place cats and in return you get to visit them for play sessions and petting, get holiday cardfs from them as well as regular photos and updates.
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I do sponsor ships too! Every year at christmas time I sponsor an animal for a year at diffrent places A cat and a dog at my local shelter. (although at the shelter it is usually a sponsor ship for whatever kitty or pup is in the two kennels i choose..since they get them moved as fast as they can) I also bring no less than 50lbs of food at that time for kitties and doggies , I sponsor through a horse rescue as well..not my local as i dont agree with that they do but an out of state..which ih ave done since i was 14

And the tiger rescue..ehehe cant help myself.
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