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We moved....

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Scott, Summer, and I moved recently. It was such a pain! I packed most of the stuff because Scott was working 50 hours for two weeks before we moved. He packed his own stuff though. Summer kept crawling and playing in the boxes while I was trying to pack them! LOL We finally were able to move into the newplacelast Friday. It took awhile because they repainted and put in brand spanking new carpeting throughout!

The morning of the move, I emptied out the fish tank, placed them in a 3 gallon bucket with air holes on the lid. Scott's mom, brother, and two younger cousins helped us with the first U-Haul move in the morning. I also took food and water away from Summer. We were pleasantly surprised at just how nice this new apartment was! Prior to this we had only seen our exact apartment in another building. After moving all of that stuff up, we headed back to the old apartment, which is about a 40 minute drive one way. We ate, and waited for Scott's aunt and uncle to come with a loveseat and table and chairs set (our last apartment was furnished). Our black moor died.
In the meantime, I had to keep calling a mechanic place to find out if my car was done or not (I needed a new wheel bearing). This took them a day to fix. They kept telling me it would be done at a certain time, only when we got there, they would tell us another time.

The guys (Scott, his brother, his uncle, and cousins) took the last load, while his aunt, mom, and I cleaned at the old apartment. We then discovered that our other fish was dead. Summer went in her litterbox while I shut her in the cleaned bathroom. By this time, it was almost dark, but I loaded up Summer into the seat next to me, put a towel over her and buckeled her in. I was happy she went before the trip since I know she has a tendency to on the mile trip to the vet. Despite the towel and my talking to her while trying to drive, she was very frightened and meowing loudly! At the new apartment, I put her in the bathroom in the bedroom (she got into the bedroom the minute I opened the bathroom door to check on her) while they moved up the loveseat, table, etc. After the move, our help left, and Summer began exploring. She explored all night long, and kept waking me up by walking all over me and purring. I took it as a sign that she liked the new place. LOL Our new apartment is almost twice as big as our last. We also will have an office room!

We had arranged the cable/internet guy to come on Saturday morning, but he couldn't get into the utility room in our building, and our landlord's office was closed for another hour and a half, and the guy had other jobs, so we had to reschedule for Tuesday! The guy didn't com until about 7:00 PM Tuesday night! So needless to say, I did go and get a library card to check my email etc. Almost all of the appliances (dishwasher and stove) are brand new. However, the fridge (which we plugged in as soon as we entered the new place) did not seem to be working. At first we thought we didn't set it right, but looking at the book, we did! The freezer was fine though. The new landlord fixed the problem (which was a broken fan).

All in all, we LOVE the new place...it's 1000 sq feet. We were sad about the fish (which we had for 2 yearss), but we plan on getting more soon. We have also discussed getting a 2nd kitty sometime soon!

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PHEW!! you just reminded me how TIRING & CHAOTIC moving is.... Prayers & Best Wishes on a home full of happiness & many happy years together!! I am so happy for you!
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Sorry to hear about the fish. They are so sensitive to change. I'm glad you like your new place.
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Originally Posted by snosrap5
Sorry to hear about the fish. They are so sensitive to change. I'm glad you like your new place.
......so sorry!

Hey Lacey, it was moved without a lot of Stress, isn´t?..: ...well, the pic´s coming soon?.........
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Hopefully I can figure out how to post pics, but I will have to finish decorating first!

We believe that perhaps it got too hot or something for our fishies. We were sad especially after having them for so long, but they are easy to replace. Seems weird to have the tank sit empty in our living room. We will look around for some this week sometime.
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