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"Coon - Tailing"

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Just wondering if anyone else's cats do this. Whenever my Bengal, Gabby gets startled or is playing a serious game of hide and seek with her feline sister, she puffs her tail out. I have seen cats puff their hair up on their bodies if they feel threatened, but Gabby just does her tail. And it gets absolutely huge! About as wide as her body! It looks quite hilarious and like a racoon's tail. Hence the labelling of the behaviour as "coon-tailing".
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Yeah, my kitty does this too, only the tail. I call it 'puffing up'. He does it when he's playing or gets startled or if he's looking at another animal outside. He looks really cute.
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I have had several cats over the years, and they all have fluffed up just their tails. It usually happens for the types of reasons that you mentioned.
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They get huge don't they? It always give me a chuckle!
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My bengal boy Loki does that toooooooo - sometimes I get the urge to use it as a featherduster (hehehhehehehehehehe)
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My Locos tail is perfect for a feather duster anytime...I haven't seen him 'puff his up' yet, I think it would nearly fill the room!!
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Now that's what I call a big old tail!
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Isn't it incredible?? It looks almost like cotton candy, its so soft and fuzzy
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Hi! My dominant male cat does the same thing. Once in awhile, he gets a sudden burst of energy and runs through the house, from one end to the other...with his tail all puffed out!!! After a few times around the house, he calms down and the tail goes down too!! He makes me laugh!!!
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Loco's tail is normally like that! Wow! It is nice to hear that others have kitties who fuzz up their tails. I had a orange tabby for 19 years and I never once saw her puff up her tail.
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My Feykirofa puffes up her tail for the usual fright reasons and also for happy reasons, she often comes in from the outside after having been running around in the garden and not fighting with her tail as thick as her body. She also sometimes does that if she is very excited, like when she knows she is just about to get some real delecasy to eat, and just cant wait, I find that very funny, her tail starts shaking and puffs out.
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