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raw liver and cooked chicken

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Our new miss Luna hates wet catfood with a passion. Her old owner only really fed her dry. BUT she crawls up our legs if there's chicken in the room! She has chicken radar nose! Mom and I were talking last night and thought that we could get some chicken breasts, cook them and cut them up into portions for a few days worth of chicken instead of a wet food. My question is if it's wize to do so.
Also, I was wondering what the advantages were of feeding raw food verses cooked home made? And if we should add something to the chicken (keeping in mind that she does eat dry food as well).
On a similar note, in the 70's mom had some cats whom she fed raw chicken livers and kidneys to once a week because she had heard that it was good for them. Is there something that is good about livers and kidneys in particular? Sahsa and Sied loved it, so we were thinking about trying it with Luna too.
What do you think?
Thanks a bunch,
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If you're going to be adding meat to your kitties diet, make sure to do lots of reading so you know you're doing it properly. Feeding only chicken breast meat will lead to nutritional deficiencies. Many also believe that cooking it takes away many essential nutrients. Kidneys and livers are the same, everything needs to be fed balanced. Too much of some and not enough of the other will lead to problems. There is lots of available information on the web, I suggest doing a google search for "raw diet" and see what you come up with
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