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What kind of "Welcome home" do you get?

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Even though I was only gone three days, I received the usual welcome home from the kitties. Gracie met me on the stairs, purring and talking like crazy.
Katie pretended to be peeved that I'd left her and tried to ignore me, but this only lasted a few minutes. Pete was more cuddly than ever and wouldn't let me out of his sight the rest of the day.

Just wondering how your cats welcome you home when you've been away.
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Reilly will come out from his day time hiding spot (under the bed in the liner that he has ripped...bad kitty). When he hears me come in the door he will come running to greet me and crys while he runs!...what a baby.
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What a nice welcome to come home too!

My lucky usually sees my drive up from her perch in the window or hears my key in the door and will be waiting (blocking the door from opening) when i come home. Rambo will usually manage to rouse himself from his nap to see who dares to enter his house and will allow me to give him scritches before heading back to his nap spot!
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At the end of each workday, when I come home: As soon as I open that basement door to enter my house, Hammie, Snickers and Zorro (the boys) always, always greet me; Hammie sort of leeches onto my leg & won't let go!

The girlcats wait up in the kitchen. They want food.

When I'm gone for extended times... camping or business trips or vacations... my cats don't eat, they don't poop, they hide. They are scared of my mom (the only housesitter I trust). So, naturally --- as soon as I come home --- all the cats want FOOD, then they have a community-dump... the house goes from clean & quiet to utter smelly chaos within minutes!

I love it though.
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Originally Posted by darkeyedgirl
The girlcats wait up in the kitchen. They want food.
Don't know why, but that just cracked me up!

As soon as I put my key in the lock, I hear Eponine bumping up against the door on the other side . She's always RIGHT at the door when I get home and Cosette is waiting a few feet behind her, purring very loudly!
Eponine wants me to help her do a "big stretch" (she gets on her hind legs and stretches up towards the sky, I hold her under her "armpits" for support). After her big stretch (she's normally curled up napping just before I get home), it's headbutt time for a minute. Then it's on to Cosette. All she wants me to do is pet her and watch her eat . After that, Cosy and Eppie normally cuddle for a minute (what a lovefest) and that is when Eponine normally bathes Cosette .

Is it any wonder why so many cat lovers' favorite time of day is when the get home from work/school/vacation/etc.? .
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PB meets me at the glass door trying to paw it open and Calista (chinese crested hairless dog) is screaming at the top ofher lungs and jumping up on my shoulders. When i open the glass door PB lunges on top of Calista and rides her back to our bedroom. PB usually spends most of his day sleeping by the glass door waiting for someone to comehome.
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I get yelled at before I've even opened the door!
Demanding to know whee the hell I went WITHOUT her and why did I abandon her?
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Mine are both sat just inside the door when I get home, so I have to squeeze through a small gap to get in! Then it's all purrs and strokes whilst they either jump on me, or investigate any new bags that I may have brought home with me.
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Pepper will be there right in front of the door when I open it, I've learned to open it slowly so I don't hit her, meowing and purring so loudly. She'll then rub against my legs or follow around for some snuggles. It's great coming home to her.
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When I open the door, Oliver saunters over to me and greets me by scratching my shoes (unless I'm wearing sandals). Tri scratches the carpet at the same time and then comes over to head-butt me. If they haven't had their evening meal yet, they will follow me around looking for food. Tripod will be saying "Neowwww" very loudly. Then I'll say "are you hungry?" and he'll answer "Yeeaaaaa." My BF usually gets home first and feeds them though.
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Oscar lays at the top of the stairs waiting for us to come home when we go to the store or something where we're gone for a few hours. When we went on vacation, I have never seen him so affectionate! That lasted about 2 weeks because he missed us so much. Headbutts all around and licks on the forehead!
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It depends on how long they've been alone in the house without anyone paying attention to them and how long I myself have been gone.

Usually they just greet me at the door together and give me rubs and purrs.
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Every day when I come home from work and I open up the first door to my apartment (we have two, the first one we share with a neighbor) I hear the jingle jangle of everyone's collars. They all perch on the side of the couch (which is right next to the door) and wait until I say hello to them all individually. My oldest one usually meows up a storm.

After every one is greeted they continue to follow me around the house. This is more of a "Where have you been?? We're hungry! It's time to eat!" then "Oh we've missed you so much!"

I love it all the same.
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew
Reilly will come out from his day time hiding spot (under the bed in the liner that he has ripped...bad kitty). When he hears me come in the door he will come running to greet me and crys while he runs!...what a baby.

That is sooo cute!! Garfield does the same thing. The part about running to me and whines at the same time!! We have a couple of big babies!!
At times when I drive up I catch him looking out of the window and he starts meowing (I cant hear him but his little mouth is just a going)
Silly boy.
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The minute i switch the alarm off i can hear Sophie cry out from upstairs in their room!.

The minute i open the bedroom door she's practically pushing her way through it because i open it slowly knowing that their just behind and i don't want to hurt them.

She starts purring and headbutting my legs, and Rosie follows in the same fashion

Then they get loves from their mum asking them have they missed their mummy because i've missed them
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Mine, greet me at the door crying and then run to the cat table in the kitchen. Its high and puts them chest level with me and I go down the row giving love and kisses. They line up at the edge of the table waiting for their turn.
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tuefel always greets me at the door and meows at us when we walk in and sniff everything on us especially shopping bags, then he will go back to sleep after he has greeted us.
Although when we picked him up at the vets he looked so miserable and peed off at me! but as soon as we put him in the car he did this little adorable mew it was just too cute to describe
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Mine are always glad to see us, but just come into the kitchen as if to say hello.

But yesterday my oldest ds came home after a month at his father's house out of state. Of course, he was mobbed by the kids and dog first. After a while, he settled on the loveseat to read his menga magazine, and I had to say, Ben, look beside you. One one side sat Festus, on the other Garfield, and Misty (the dog) at his feet on the floor. He gave them some chin scritches, and was very flattered by the quiet show of love!
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EVERY DAY when I come home from work, Bowser has a routine..

Since I park in the garage which is under the house, he hears the garage door open, and runs down the stairs and sits at the bottom step.. As soon as he sees me, he does the "Flop, drop & roll" where he just puts his head dow, flops on the ground and rolls on his back so I can rub his belly. While I'm rubbing his belly and telling him he's the best little man in the world, he gets up and jumps on my shoulder, and lays across my shoulder purring and rubbing his face on my cheek. Then I go check the mail, grab a snack, or do whatever and he sits on my shoulder till I sit down, then he sits on my lap and catches a nap.

He's my buddy.

Kismet just kinda wanders out casually and says "hi"
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Originally Posted by CousinLarry
As soon as he sees me, he does the "Flop, drop & roll" where he just puts his head dow, flops on the ground and rolls on his back so I can rub his belly.
Thats exactly what BOTH my girls do, which is pretty funny to behold. Sometimes they throw in a stretch and a trill or grumble.
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When I was at my apartment I would always find Limerick at the door puring and rubing. Now that I'm home he doesn't do that very much any more. He will go and see who's home, but that's about it.
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Well I get a rather nice homecoming pretty much everyday. Both Maddie and Franz greet me right at the door. This is a big deal for them...because just outside the door, is a hallway...or as THEY see it...(insert eerie music) THE FLAMING PIT OF least to them,they are very frightened of the outside. After a few scritches Franz RUNS to his scratching post and dances on it for about 30 seconds. I recently consulted an old Armenian (are there any young Armenians?) cat translator and for a few dusty rubles she translated the scratches for me, They are "Hip Hip Hooray Mom's home!" "Yippee, I'm gonna get fed" "Woo hoo Maddie will bug someone else now" and finally "Ye gads, I'm gonna get my tummy rubbed" Maddie on the other hand just looks at him as if he's lost a few valuable IQ points!
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On a usual day when I come home, Ivo is sitting just inside the door. I say hi to her as I'm unlocking the door and she talks back. When I open the door she pushes her way out into the hallway and sits just outside, making sure there are no bad guys following me in. After some coaxing and sweet words on my part she comes back in the apartment. Then, she helps me put away my things, then heads straight to the kitchen for a treat.
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They both come out of thier kennel and purr at my feet. But Noodles will stretch up as far as she can leaning on my legs and tickle me by tapping me softly with her paws. It's the swetest thing! It's like she's saying 'Pick me up Meowmie!' So I usually do!
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Oliver usually comes out into the front hall and yaps at me for a bit, and Emma generally cant be bothered to get up from her napping spot!
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