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Got a letter

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I got my first letter yesterday from my friend Julia. I just wanted to tell all of you how proud I am of her. She joined the Army. Shes in her 30's and is in basic training with women 17-22 years old. She was a smoker, but hasn't had a cigarette. She's had to do mega push ups because some of the women can't keep quiet, but she said that this is her dream and she is enjoying every minute of it!

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Bravo Julia!!

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That is so cool. I wanted to join my senior year in High School but I got pregnant with my oldest and they actually stamped "TERMINATED" on my papers. Ticked me off. Congrats to Julia.
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Thanks! I'm going to print this thread and send it to her with my letter.
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Good for her!!

My next door neighbour Matt was made Sergeant a couple of month ago after being in 12 years and he loves it, his girlfriend was also in but only stuck it out for 2 years because she couldn't hack the long hours, being away on exercise etc...

I really hope your friend does well because she can go far
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That is awesome!! My SIL joined at the last year she could (is it age 35?) and stayed in for the next 20 yrs. Went to the reserves, & got reactivated when the war came. She works in logistics; and loves her "boys". She has been so many different places all over the world; has even worn a burkha to meetings; now speaks 5 languages. She joined after losing a bitter divorce/custody battle & was so despondent; her life sure turned around. Just completing basic training gave her so much confidence & boy, was she in great shape!
So, HURRAY for Julia!!! WAY TO GO! I hope that we are kept posted on your progress.
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Congratulations Julia!! Good on you for having the determination to follow your dream
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