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Male or female kitty?

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Which do you have and which do you think has a friendlier personality?
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Honestly....I voted male because the male cats that I've been around have always been the most outgoing and friendly.... though I'm partial to girls just because they are so sweet and lovey
But ALL cats are unique. Cosy is WAY more playful and friendly than most other female cats I've known, so you really cannot say that one sex is always going to be friendlier than the other....gotta judge it on a one-by-one kitty basis
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I have 2 females and 5 males. I love Vanna and Trouble but they are nothing alike. Vanna is just the sweetest cat and Trouble is too but she can have such an attitude. My 5 boys though are just the most loving boys around. All are lap cats and I just dont have enough lap to go around. So I end up with sometimes 3 cats curled in my lap. Only the boys will do that though. The girls dont share very well.
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I have one of each and have no preference! As Amy said, it has to be taken on a kitty by kitty basis - every cat is immensely different!

Both Tibby and Molly are playful and affectionate, yet they can both require thir own time! I think it depends on the cat!
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I have a little boy..

And you know what? He is typical male! He likes to annoy me when I am asleep, whines for food and is also very finiky! But I love him to bits, and wouldn't change him for the world.

It's the first boy cat that I have owned (and my first cat since leaving home). When I lived at home, we had two female sisters (only one is alive now) and to be quite honest, I don't really see much difference in them

I think it just depends on the type of cat etc and it's background...
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I have to agree with Amy and say that each cat is too different to say one sex is friendlier than the next. Waffle (a female) is a real sweetie pie with people. She purrs a good chunk of the time, wants to play frequently, and loves a good lap to sit on. She isn't partial to cats, but I chalk that up to her having never met another one until she was already over 1 year old. On the other hand, my roommate's cat Coco (a male) is sweet but quite a bit fiestier than Waffle. He's the kind of kitty who will bite you when he's done having you pet him. And then again, growing up I had a male and female kitty where the female was quite testy and the male was a ball of love. It totally depends!
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I've only ever had one female cat, and whilst she was the sweetest most playful little angel, she wasn't a lapcat! I'd often wake up to find her laying on my chest, but as a rule she didn't need affection in the same way my boys always have (except for my Dads persian, grumpy little toad he is!). Pickle was born in a barn to a feral mum, so this may have affected her personality (although she came to us at about 8 weeks of age).

Anyway, long story short, I'd opt for boys
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Ack, I know, I know...you guys are right! It's all in the personality of the individual kitty! I guess this is my way of trying to decide what kitten to pick. I've been presented with 7 kittens!!!! (Well, 2 have been adopted already.) Maybe I should make a poll for this instead! They're ALL adorable and I can't pick just ONE...so I'm trying to decide now by narrowing it down. With 6-week old kittens, it's hard to tell what their personalities are going to be because they're so young and playful. Any thing I should look for?
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In my foster kittens I've noticed the males are generally more cuddly and the boys more outgoing.

Have you met all the kittens? Usually one will grab your eye or your heart (well, all of them will of course but you might find one in particular).
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You've caved in and going for one aren't you Susan!
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Originally Posted by eatrawfish
Have you met all the kittens? Usually one will grab your eye or your heart (well, all of them will of course but you might find one in particular).
Thats how it worked for me with our newest member Poohbear. There was just something about him. All the other kittens were male as well, but Poohbear just hit the spot!
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Before adopting my babies, everybody told me to take two boys. So me and my hubby had two boy name picked out. But when we came to the shelter there was a brother and a sister, and I had to take them home. I have heard that boys are much sweeter than girls but I don't think it's true for all the kitties. My girl is just as sweet as my boy. My mother-in-laws girl is evil. She will not come to you ever, she will hiss and scratch when you pick her up. So it really depends on a cat.
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Well when I adopted Cody, I was told SHE was a HE! So I took her to my vet and he says, he is she but I already picked the name "Cody" out...and I was already attached to her. And she is Miss 'tude...lovable but on her own terms.

When I went to look at the 5 kittens the other night, they had just caught them (someone left them in a cardboard box and it was raining so of course the kittens were everywhere!) I liked the gray and white one...but she was a little stand-offish compared to the others. Those 5 were all females...then they caught two more yesterday morning, 2 males! I told her to put the 2 boys in a sep cage and I would come look at them tonight!! One all black and one tiger striped...hopefully one will distinguish itself from the other...or just jump on my lap and not let go!!!
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I voted male because my boys Willy, and now Pete, have been more easygoing and friendly than the girls. But, Katie and Gracie have definitely been more affectionate with me. I'm with the others that it depends on personality. I've come across many female cats and kittens that are are very friendly and male cats/kittens that are more shy.
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I voted male just because the female my mom has is VERY shy. I know not all girls are like that but I love my little boy! Although he IS a typical male
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I have 2 precious boys, Simba and Shane, and one sweet little Princess, SunLee. My beloved Snoopy was also a boy. I think boy kitties are a bit friendlier. My little girl, SunLee is more reserved, and independent.
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I have 3 of each, 2 extremely loving girls, and one extremely loving, Momma's boy.
The other three are of average neediness depending on mood.
I really think gender has much less to do with it than individual personality.

Although, the boys were doing their best to be annoying this morning.
It occured to me that our boys are far more stubborn and hardheaded than our girls about doing things they know they aren't supposed to.
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I have both...my big tabby monster is friendly and easygoing and laid-back. He deals well with stress, but isn't very snuggly or demonstrative in terms of affection. He loves being held and petted, but generally won't seek the attention.

My little girl kitten is snuggly and lovey, but a bit skittish when more than one or two people are over.

However, I don't think this has to do with their sex...I think they just have different personalities!
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I have a male and a female cat. I've found that female cats tend to be a bit more independent, but they're all wonderful
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I have 4 females and 2 males...there all white too...lol
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I have two boys. I didn't really plan it out that way but I'm glad it worked out that way. They're both love bugs and I wouldn't trade them for the world.

Gandalf was lovingly raised by my cousin who is the only person I know that might dote on her kitties more than I dote on mine, well besides my parents. Samwise was a stray and just showed up on that same cousin's porch. So they come from different backgrounds.

My cat growing up was a girl and she was very standoffish. However I know nothing of her history before about 8 weeks of age. We got her at the petstore and well who knows. She however bonded very closely with me and since I've moved on to my father so she's a bit more lovey with the person that is hers.

I think it's probably a mixture of the sex of the cat, every female I've know has been less outgoing and people focused than the males. And nuture, females can open up and become very lovey in the right circumstances and males standoffish.
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I have three females, and one male, and the Annie and Belle are the most lovable, and in third comes Billy. So, I voted females.
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I have a male but both genders can be equally friendly.... depend on the cat
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I am owned by Dexter & Sadie...brother & sister. I love them both so I could not vote is the poll.
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WHen i got Su and Hooda , i thought the gal was the guy. But then the male went into heat and the gal started to spray. Had the both fixed but it upset me. the whole idea of them was blasted out of the water. I could tell the difference but not boys from girls? Sue stayed su all his life and Romeo new name was hooda. She is 13 now.
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is Cody getting a brother or sister Susan??

Oh I am sooooo excited

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I really think it depends on the cat. I have 5 girls and 2 boys and they are all sweet and loving in their own individual ways.
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I definitely prefer toms, I love their hrmn,... "eccentricities" Mind you, Tosca can be very stranger herself!
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I wouldn't be able to choose... I've had 5 females and 1 male. The male was the nicest little guy ever, but i've also had a couple girls that were sweet. The male was more cuddly while when the females didn't want to be bothered they meant it. Females seem to be more moody than males and males more dominant than females in my opinion. I love both either way though.
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My baby is a female kitty named Taffy who's a calico but I had three male cats in the past before Taffy.
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