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Lost Cat Milton Wa

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Camille is a very small and petite 5 lb female and is about to turn 3 years old, she is spayed.
She has BIG BLUE EYES and dense fuzzy GREY CREAM and TAN hair. Looks very much like a Brittish Tabby in her markings.
Camille's very hoarse meow is barely audible.
Camille is very afraid of people dogs etc. as she has been indoors for 2 1/2 years and is not social with strangers so, may seem feral. She was feral @ 3 months when we got her and decided she was a sweetie who needed to be indoors only, like her two older brothers.
She is missed deeply by her family and little girl who cannot eat sleep or stop crying at the drop of a hat. Cammie's two older kitty brothers are not sleeping and wander looking for her while mewling sorrowfully. This is awful.
We have posted color photo posters all over with a (nonspecific) Reward given for information leading to CAMILLE's safe return.
She was lost in the Milton WA area by Lloyds gravel pits, Copper Creek Apts, Milton trail, Milton water sign, streets of Milton Way, 1st St Ct E, Enchanted Village area by I-5.
CAMILLE and her two brothers escaped out through a back window screen to the green belt @ 11:30 PM Sunday night August 14th 2005. Elwood was found immediately crying at a neighbors back door and Jake showed up 12 hours later as we pulled up in our car after going to the local animal shelter. He was under a car we had looked under earlier and he was yelling, loudly like the mama's boy he is. Camille is another story. We have not seen her since 4 AM Monday August 15th. and are very worried as she is a very small indoor only and unfamiliar with this area. Please help.
Please email Chris (emailing should automatically notify to our cell phone, home phone, multiple emails) if you see or hear CAMILLE to Any information is greatly apprecaited.
Here is a website we set up and are listign in ads, posters, newspapers, etc. It features links to her pics.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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{{{{{{ Prayers & good vibes for Camille's safe return }}}}} My heart goes out to your family during this difficult time.
Was Sunday "the day" for escapes??? Seems like more cats than usu. went missing Sunday (including my Joey who returned late Mon. eve), and our local radio station had a record high number of lost dogs missing on Monday.
A note of hope: at 3 months, Camille had learned alot of street sense. That plus she now knows that people can be okay may improve her odds.
Have you set out used cat litter? If you look in some of the previous "missing kitty" threads, you can see what was suggested, what was done, and the results.
Please tell your daughter that I felt the same way, & I was crying all night, and calling in the terrible thunderstorms we had that night.
I wish that I was closer to help in the search. Please remember that there are many caring people out there; I will pray & light a candle for your Camille & for your little girl. Hugs, Susan
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This website:

has a lot of useful information about how to go about finding a lost cat. It also has pages on search methods based on your cat's personality.

I hope your Camille comes home soon!
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Thank you sooooo much!! We hit the link you sent and off we went. Scary how the feral cat section rang true to Camille's actions. We are going to do everything they listed and then some given her oddball paranoid behavior. My daughter is happy with tasks to do and accomplish to get her Cami home. Tonight we start with a stinky favorite foods buffet (crab tuna etc.) for the missing girl. I will keep you posted! Thank you again!
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Your words have helped more than you know. For my daughter to know you felt the same as we do is important and I appreciate your kindness and honesty. So many people have made it seem silly to be sad distraught and afraid about Camille being gone, they are wrong. Thank you for making us a part of your happy wishes and thoughts. We will keep you updated as we continue our search and l uring of the bratty missing Camille. Thank you
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this breaks my heart!!!! I looked at the pictures of your gang, and they look so happy together!

I hope and pray that you find her!!! If i lived close to you i would certainly help you search for her


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Thank for being so nice and if you lived here I would definitley take you up on the help in searching. I had no idea how exhausting this is. Your prayers are wonderful, thank you.
Still no Camille. Set up a webcam last night to monitor the litter box, water, burlap (her favorite fabric in the world), scratching post, and foods/kitty buffet we set out on the patio. A neighbor cat and a couple of mice ventured in for a bite but Camille was a no show. I am now half crazy bawling and really becoming nervous about her whereabouts. We have a gorgeous steep forest behind us with fallen trees, a stream, tons of mud and after googling it with to see satellite pics we see it is huge expansive and impossible for us to get through to be able to spot Cami. I am near certain she is in the woods but again I am nervous/scared as she has not shown her face to at least get a bite to eat or see her brothers.
I have an idea but want some feedback and thoughts on what has worked for others. I want to leave the back door wide open with food in the doorway and everyone (my daughter, 2 other kitties, hubby, and myself) contained in back bedrooms. Additionally we could open the window she escaped out of and have the screen open there for her just the way it was when she liberated herself. My thought is she will not get caught this second if she shows but will feel comfy being able to come and go as she pleases and maybe start developing a sense of calm about coming inside.???? We will be setting up a videocamera to tape any and all activety.
Or I can set out her food further from our patio and videotape that.
Has anyone tried Feliway? Petco and Petsmart have it but the label states it is flammable. Does it work is it ok? There was also a calming agent which was supposedly natural but the main active ingredient was proprietery so the label only listed rosemary and some other herb. ANY INFO and OPINIONS are really appreciated!!
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Thank you for the update, I know that this is just dragging on for you & your daughter.. I'll keep praying!! Maybe you could set her food out a little farther. I don't have much experience with Feliway; I used it once to transport some cats that had never been in carriers, and it worked excellent for that. Now it's the full moon, and even my cats are mrreowling to go outside & party, so maybe Camille is doing the same. Hopefully, Camille will come home when the hunting gets slim. My prayers & thoughts are with you! Hugs, Susan
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I don't have much experience with lost kitties. I will continue to pray for the safe return of yours though!

Here's a thread of a TCS member who lost her kitty. She still hasn't found her, but many good tips and links were given to her to help her in her search. Here is the link to the thread. I would read through it if I were you...

Good luck! You are in my thoughts and prayers
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Any sign of Camille yet??? More {{{ Come Home prayers & vibes}}} being sent your way! Hugs, Susan
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Any news???
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Thank you for asking sorry about slow response but we have gotten a little looney around here. We have up HUGE bright posters with her pics on them and have gotten several calls but one was on the money. A sweet woman Marion saw what she thought was her neighbor cat but as she approached the kitty took off fast. She called us as the kitty looked like Camille. Her home and ours are across from one another divided by a large gully/greenbelt and she described Cami's traits to a T. We went from her place to ours through tiny trails and called Cami while leaving stinky treats and tuna. This sort of kicked things up a notch and coupled with the colder weather at night I am confident Cami will make it home.
Here is the big news. I saw her once for a few seconds Monday night and my jaw dropped. I awoke at 3am after finally getting a little sleep and got up went to the living room then opened the window and softly called her. 15 minutes later as I was about to close the window low and behold it was Cami sauntering along the backyard brick wall. She is a meany and my daughter is thrilled. We have followed a tight game plan and will catch her. I sat catch as with Cami (former feral outdoor girl) coaxing is not going to get her safely inside. I have sort of a Wylie Coyote thing going on and the men at the Sportco store think I am nutty. I will post more as things come to fruition.
Thank you I firmly believe if you had not sent along happy thoughts and loving prayers we would not be where we are now. THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE FOR US!!! When Cami is home we will post some pics of her arrival.
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YAY!! That is such good news! I am so glad that you spotted her and know that she is okay!!! It sounds like you are doing a wonderful job in your search for her!!!

CAMI come home soon!!!!!!!!!

Please keep us updated!
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i just found this thread.
so glad she is still around and well.
soon she will be back in your house with all her brothers!
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