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My sister had Prodigy back around 1993, I used to message people that way and it seemed like that's about all you could do.

I played on her pc a bit through the years until I got a job where there was internet access in 1998 (and they were fine with people surfing during work hours as our job was painfully boring and we could do both at the same time). Being woefully in love with Leo DiCaprio due to Titanic having just come out, I became a loyal member of a forum for his fans. I taught myself web design because I wanted to have my own fan site for him, finally got my own PC at home a year or so later and have advanced to being able to get paying design clients... that is, if I wanted them anymore.

Over the years I quit posting there altogether although I do visit mostly every week. Too many trolls came about, and it got too big to be moderated by the owner so he got volunteers. But the volunteers are nearly Nazis, handing out warnings like cigars at a maternity ward. The worst part is I know one of the mods in RL. You couldn't dare talk about the things we used to... and people have left in droves. It was as active as this forum is for years, but in the past year or so activity has dropped so much that there's only a few threads with new posts each day. Sad, really.
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TCS is the one I am most active. I visit around 4 others (also cat related) like once a month or even less.
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I joined the SciFi Channel's FarScape forum back in 2001...it was really crappy back then; they didn't have the greatest format. But most of the people there were cool, and mostly geeks like me, sooo...right at home! From there I joined another FarScape board, which was equally cool. I quit going to those when I changed jobs and couldn't play online all day...and the show got cancelled shortly after that and the board just got FOUL and troll-filled.
I also joined a horse board, but quit going to that around the same time as the FS boards.
I occasionally read a Nine Inch Nails board and the Queens of the Stone Age board, but never feel compelled to post...most of the music boards are populated by pretentious jack@$$es or obnoxious teenagers. lol
By far, TCS is the best of all of the boards I have been to, and the only one I post on anymore.
TCS rocks!!
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This was/ is my first forum--found it when I was doing research about getting our second cat (Emma).
And, now I need a twelve step program!
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This is the second forum I've joined. The first was a weight loss forum, which I still post on, but not as much as I do on TCS. I also once in a while post on another cat forum and recently joined a...hold your excitement ...crochet forum!
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my first forum was a backstreet boy one of my moms
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I am an 'old hat' when it comes to forums. I belong to 2 relationship forums and about 3 military ones also.
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My first forum was talkpet or something and I joined as badkitty, posted there for a day or two then got bored. Surfed around a bit and then I found my home.
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A long time ago I was involved in two bulletin boards, one for the DC Vertigo comics and one for the writer Clive Barker. Those died out after a while, and a few years ago I found TCS and never left. I also post on one non-cat related forum that a co-worker of mine moderates.
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I joined TCS after searching for help about Mooch when we first broght her home. I've been a member of a few other forums (not pet ones) and the trolls were too much. TCS is the best!
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It's funny, after I thought about it for a little while, I realized not only have I been a faithful member of another forum, I've also been the webmaster of several on a variety of topics! LOL! I forgot all about that, but I don't know how as I've got two forums going right now.

It's not fun to be the webmaster of a dying forum... and it's a BLAST to have one that is popular. I've experienced both, and really they can be popular -and fail- for so many different reasons. It actually seems kind of random, so when you find a good thing, stick with it and make sure it stays a good thing!!!
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