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I try not to smoke near Guin either (even though if I am in the kitchen he likes looking at the wafts of smoke floating about). I normally try and shoo him away as I am sure passive smoking is not good for cats!
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Ex-smoker. Quit 1 year ago.
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Ex-smoker as of June 30th! I was thinking bout quitting for soooo long, and finally when we moved into our new apartment (it's a non-smoking building) and I quit! I was so proud of myself for quitting cold turkey, I never was a heavy smoker. Still when I have a couple beer is when the "will power" kicks in..lol..
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I started smoking in HS at a party where I had been drinking. I probably wouldn't have kept smoking if they hadn't been so available at my house, since both my parents smoke. Before I tried it I was always saying how disgusting it is and wondering why people would do it.

I'm not ready to quit, and I'm worried I'll gain weight if I do. Of course, smoking makes you age sooner and I'm definitely starting to worry about that more. Besides, the worst part about smoking to me is the smell (besides the health risks of course) and the smoke getting on my skin and hair. Now with the Eclipse cigarettes, that's not an issue. They don't stink and they don't keep smoking.

I'll quit when I'm ready. I mean, you DO have to want to quit to be successful. I wish I had never started, that's for sure.

I go outside because I don't even want it in the same house as my cat.

My Mom & Dad have been smoking since their teens and they are in their 50's & 60's. My mom has major health issues because of it. It's absolutely terrible and I never, ever want my children to have to see me in that situation. But...I don't plan on having children for a while.
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Started when I was 13 due to peer pressure; continued to age 19 due to peer pressure. I never liked smoking; I just did it cuz all the fun people, my best friends, did it!

I quit cold turkey when I was 19. It was freaking easy, because I hated smoking.

Now, I'm one of those reformed smokers who is real vocal about people smoking around me. Ah well.
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My dad quit after many many years of smoking 5 packs of Lucky Strikes a day. I hope thats an inspiration to someone.
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I'm an on again off again smoker. But when I'm on it's minimal quantity maybe 4 or 5 cigs a day at most (and sometimes I can even squeak by on 1/2 a cig!), so it's not all that bad. Although if I'm drinking I can go through a pack in a few hours and not notice it. But I rarely drink if ever anymore so it's very uncommon. I can probably make it a week without even trying not to smoke, I only smoke when I have an irrestible urge, and I've decided not to deny myself that because the last time I quit (and stayed quit for a year!) I put so much pressure and stress on myself that when I cracked I really cracked, from 0 cigs in a year to a pack a day. So anyhow this time it's only when I absolutely need it, and I find the absolutely needings getting fewer and fewer. Eventually I'm hoping the needings will just disappear. If not I'll make it stop. But I realized that me and bf must quit together or neither of us will, so when we're both ready we'll do it.
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I'm a smoker. I wish I had never started in the first place. Sadly, I really enjoy cigarettes, and I wish I didn't. I wish I could just wake up one day, and no longer enjoy the taste of cigarettes. I've tried quitting before, and I couldn't be around people, I didn't enjoy anything, while I wasn't smoking. I am so hooked on them, it's pitiful.
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I am a everyday smoker
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Originally Posted by HopeHacker
I'm a smoker. I wish I had never started in the first place. Sadly, I really enjoy cigarettes, and I wish I didn't. I wish I could just wake up one day, and no longer enjoy the taste of cigarettes. I've tried quitting before, and I couldn't be around people, I didn't enjoy anything, while I wasn't smoking. I am so hooked on them, it's pitiful.
I know what you mean I feel like I should quit, but I really like smoking. I tried quitting once and I would be in the car all of a sudden noticing all the other people smoking and think how happy and relaxed they looked. Crazy right?
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My vice is having a glass or 2 of wine (nightly!!) instead of smoking.
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I do not smoke indoors, period.
I do this for the sake of my birds and my fiance' above all else.
Yes, it is also for the sake of the cats and dog, but birds have one of the most delicate respiratory systems there are.
I do not use chemicals in the house, or non-stick cookware for the same reason.

After smoking, I will not touch the animals until after my hands are thoroughly scrubbed, as nicotine can be easily absorbed through the skin.

I started smoking when I was 11, I quit briefly when I was 22 (I'm approaching 37 now), my weight ballooned to just over 200 pounds on my 5 foot 2 inch frame.
I figured at that time it was better to take up smoking until I could find a good way to combat the oral fixation.
I think in my case, a combination of hypnosis and the patch would work.
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Non-smoker and always will be after seeing both Grandpas suffer from lung cancer and emphysema!
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Grandma died of lung cancer, dad's first wife almost died at about the same time but managed to survive, if she is a bit frail now. Both were heavy smokers.

I never wanted to smoke anyway, made my parents quit when I was 5. I'm not sure if I have a particularly strong olfactory sense or something, but just a wiff makes me gag.
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LOL, I hear ya!!
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Good for you!!
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Wow, there are a lot of us out there
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Never touched one, never will. Cant stand the smell of them, dont want the health problems. One of my friends used to smoke and she quit by everytime she smoked one she would do something nasty or something she did not enjoy. (I think she drank a teaspoon of vinegar or something.) She said she started associating the ciggs with the vinegar and eventully they started to taste like it. I have no clue if it would work for other people, all I know is that is what she did.
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I hope those of you who smoke, do so OUTSIDE! Second hand smoke CAN and HAS killed cats!
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Originally Posted by MyBabies
I hope those of you who smoke, do so OUTSIDE! Second hand smoke CAN and HAS killed cats!
yes, good point!! when i drove from california to oklahoma, i didnt smoke because my cats were in the car with me. i think i had three the entire trip and they were outside at rest area's...

we always smoke outback or in the garage.
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I'm an ex smoker. I really only smoked because I worked in a very stressful bar and everyone else was smoking. Our manager actually let us smoke while we worked so I was like "Hell yeah!!!" I gave up smoking a year and a half ago and took up working out. BIG difference!!! I highly reccommend it!!!
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...forgot to add----I will have the occasional few when I've had a few brews
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Originally Posted by katl8e
Smoker for 35 years. Tried cold turkey, patch and Zyban. If I go more than 2-3 waking hours, without a cigarette, I come close to committing mayhem.

Since Bill has emphysema, I don't smoke in the house. We have a deal: I don't smoke in the house and he doesn't nag about my smoking.
Just the opposite here, dh has been smoking about 20 years, and "trying to quit" since we met (13 yrs ago!). And I try not to nag. If I thought it would help him quit, I would nag like crazy! But I know it won't, so I just try to be supportive most of the time.
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Not me, I don't smoke. Hubby, Joe, does. We tried to get him to quit a week ago and he turned into Dr. Jeckyll/Mr. Hyde. Needless to say, he bought a pack of cigarettes. I'm hoping he tries again, though.
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Not a smoker. When I was little I was always horribly sick and went to the doctors. I found out I was allergic to smoke. Both me and my mom get sick when we are around it.
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im a smoker and so is my husband.ive tried to quit a few times,but as charlie was still smoking i gave it up as a bad job.
i noticed when i was quitting my sense of smell came back,which was nice for flowers n perfume,but u go into a shop and yuck some ppl just dont do personal hygene big yuck.
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Smoker here.. Almost ashamed to admit it .
Although I never smoke in the house because of the kids and kitties.
People often ask me why I don't quit and I always answer with the same thing "Because I want my children to live"

I have two boys 3 1/2 and 7 1/2 and believe me, If I didn't smoke, I would lose it!
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my bf smokes and I can taste it but it's not bad. It's his choice.
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I too hate to admit it, but yes I smoke.
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Never have done and never will do. I was always so worried about my dad who was a smoker when I was growing up and would tell him about the health problems and how it would be better if he stopped. I'm so happy that he gave up
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