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I enjoy my volunteer work at the animal shelter.

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I really enjoy my volunteer work at the animal shelter in my hometown of Bolton. Its very exciting and I get to clean the cages, feed and water all the kittens and cats that they have. I go in every Monday afternoon from 1:30pm to 2:30 pm and its very rewarding. I also brought all the old cat food my cat Taffy was on and gave it to the shelter as Taffy is now on a weight control food by the vet.

All the cats and kittens are lovely and very affectionate. The kittens are so playful and some are shy but I'm very patient with them as I know they are scared of being there.

Hopefully , I will do more work there in the next couple of months as I only started a month and a half ago. I really enjoy it and if your local animal shelters are looking for help and you have time to spare give it a try as its very fulfilling and you can be with cats and kittens and help the shelter out at the same time.

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I am happy to hear that you love what you do!!! The world needs more people like you!!
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What an inspiring post! And I really love Taffy's colors! Big blocks of color just like a quilt! How very nice of Taffy to send her unneeded catfood to those other kitties in the shelter, and how very,very nice of her meowmmy to volunteer there! Good job, Anne!
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I applaud you for volunteering your time!

I really dont think i could work at a shelter. I mean I want to, but at the end of the day, i wouldnt be able to go home.

When i went to pick out sara, we were there for hours, i just kept looking around thinking, why cant i have them all?

And if they were going to put any animal to sleep, i would probably attach myself to it and take off running.

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That's wonderful...I also volunteer and I love it. I've been a volunteer with the rescue for over 2 years.

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How wonderful! I'm glad you enjoy your work! I too volunteer at a local shelter every Friday from 6:00pm to 8:00pm and I really enjoy it too. It's sad to see the poor kitties there, especially the ones that are there every week, but I know I'm doing good by being there and socializing them. It's very rewarding, isn't it? For me it's a great way to end the week, getting to play with kitties!
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I totally agree with you that its fun and enjoyable to volunteer and make time to help out the little kitties there. I try not to get too attached as they are going to go to good homes and I would miss them if I loved them too much. But I will admit that I do love them alot and would love to take them all homew with me. hehehe. I just don't have the space and Taffy would get jealous I think as I've tried a another cat and she got very unhappy so I guess Taffy is a loner.

I always try to help out the shelter as best that I can. I did adopt a kitten three years ago, Leo but unfortunately he got hit by a car the year after. He was a mischieveous one for sure.

I really enjoy the work and my goal is to educate people about their pets whether its a cat or dog. I had a dog for 14 years so I know a bit more about it. I think helping out the community in any way is important. Plus I'm with people who loves animals like I do which is great because I can meet new friends that way.
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Anne, the world needs more people like you! Thank you kindly for your help with those shelter kitties. I'm glad you enjoy it, because I know the kitties enjoy your care and affection!
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I'm glad you're enjoying your work at the shelter. You're doing a good thing and having fun too! Way to go. I'm sure you being there is brightening those little furbabies' lives.
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I would love to volunteer at the local shelter or humane society. Last spring I even filled out the application for the Illinois Humane group, but never heard from them. (Realized later it was because we changed our phone number...duh) Unfortunately, with 3 kids, a dog, the cats and a husband that is gone on the road 6 days at a time, I don't have much time left over for anything else.

I applaud you for making the time to help these animals!!
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What a wonderful person you are. I started to volunteer at a local sanctuary that has things like horses, peacocks, feral cats, geese etc, but I was fostering at the time, and there just wasn't enough time to do everything. I do try and go up occasionally with old ink cartridges that they can recycle for money and take food with me though.
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