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My apartment is haunted!

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There is a supernatural presence in my apartment. Possibly evil. It appeared in my camera as I was taking pictures of my shopping cart (lots of people take pictures of their shopping carts, right?)

Maybe I should find an exorcist. Or call Ghostbusters.

Actually, I was trying to take pictures of Kinah as she was sitting in the shopping cart on top of the box of kitty litter. It was dark so I set the white balance fairly high. She moved while the camera was taking the picture. That's how she became a ghost.
I tried to do that again but no luck.
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LOL, that is great!!
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Hahahaha too cute!!!
She is still pretty.... as a ghost!!
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Wow, what a neat effect!
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Very, very spooky!
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What a cool pic!
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Very cool effect!
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Call the Ghostbusters! Call the Ghostbusters!!.......

cool Efect!!! ......
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Of course you can't do it again if you are actually trying! Sure looks eerie, though!
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That's probably how so many people produce fake ghost photos, too.
Very cool shot!
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funny how it did come out
very sweet
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Beautiful cat, eerie picture!
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Wooooh that is one cool picture!
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Great Halloween pic! What a pretty and kinda spooky kitty!
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upon further investigation, I have discovered that the "presence" is not quite evil. All it demands is two daily offerings of cat food. As long as I can keep that up, I will keep getting "ghost hugs" and "ghost kisses" with only the occasional "ghost attacking feet in the middle of the night".

Phew. That's a relief.

Hehe... seriously, I wonder if I could take a ghost picture of a person. Maybe someone dressed in old fashioned clothes. Then sell the picture to a tabloid. I'd try with that picture but I don't think anyone's really scared of a kitten ghost.
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