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Do kittens grow more affectionate with age?

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Sophie is a sweetheart, don't get me wrong. I'm just so used to Sunni that I guess I'm still adjusting to having a new girl in the house. Sunni loved to sit by me, knead her paws on me, pat my face in bed so I would pet her and sleep on my legs at night. Sophie doesn't seem to display any real affection towards me (or anyone else, really). Realizing that she is only 4 months old, I keep telling myself that she may become more affectionate as she grows out of kittenhood. Is this right or am I just fooling myself?

There are times that she does seem to enjoy a good pet, and she purrs a lot when she is by me. At night, she sleeps at least part of the night above my head on an extra pillow. Still, she can be aggressive when she plays, biting quite hard at times! Sunni was a very social girl from the time we brought her home as a kitten. I know it's not right to compare the two, no more than it would be right to sit here and compare my boys to one another, but it's hard to keep myself from doing it.

Am I worrying about nothing here? Sometimes I think that I'm just still overly sensitive from losing Sunni. I'd appreciate any advice or opinions, even if you all think I'm just being a big baby...LOL
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They sure can, but not always... It depends on the cat I guess!
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Sophie's personality will devlop as she gets older, and she certainly will calm down from the very playful kitten that she is now. Whether or not she'll be affectionate like Sunni is anyone's guess, though.
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I think Sophie must have been reading over my shoulder last night. Maybe she just picked up on my concern. Instead of sleeping on the extra pillow, she curled up ON my head with her paws on my forehead. That was how we fell asleep.

Today I wasn't feeling well and needed a short nap. Sophie climbed right up and slept against my stomach, purring away.

I know that she's still developing her personality, and she'll never be Sunni. I just love her so much, and nothing compares to having that love reciprocated by an affectionate cat, in my opinion.

Anyway, her little kitty ears must have been burning. She knew I was talking about her and wanted to reassure me!
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Kandie is 17 yrs and far more affectionate now than ever before
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