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What Breed Mix???

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okay, my short hair domistic cat a few months ago got loose before i got her spayed . . .(she is getting spayed in a few weeks now) and came home with babies. I was wondering if anyone can help guess what mix her baby kitten is? was born all black, now at almost three months . .(august 23 will be three) more and more gray is appearing. the kitten also has ghost stripes you can see in certain light. undercoat is a little curly, and is much bigger than the others, only medium length coat out all of the kittens. big paws, but yellow/gold eyes. (mom is all black with yellow eyes.) i know how hard it is to guess with a picture, but I am at a loss. any guess would help. thanks.....
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ooopps, forgot to mention he is the guy i am holding up. that is his brother talking in the background with the stripe, and mom wondering what is going on.
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Enigma.....the mod of this forum has been closing a lot of threads regarding mixed breed cats due to the fact that there is no way to determine whether a cat or it's kittens are mixed with a purebred cat.

Here is what he is posting in threads:

Unfortunately, There is but a few of us who actually know feline genetics really really well... I happen to not be one of them. In any case, no one can really answer your question properly without knowing what the background is of the parents, (as well as the parents themselves).... So, Your cat is mixed with whatever he looks like to you he's mixed with, sounds kinda harsh I know, but different people will see different things, so the best thing to do is go with your gut.

Here is his original thread which explains why he has been closing threads:

I am now closing this thread.

note about thread closures


Hi all,

Many of you will no doubt have noticed that I've been closing threads regarding cats of mixed origin.

I have been giving the same response to all posts, while I'm sure it might upset those who originally posted the threads, please keep in mind that this forum is for the discussion of breeding practices etc.

For more guidelines on posting in this forum please refer to the sticky post entitled "All poster please read!!!"

Thank you in advance for understanding.

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Good luck telling that =)
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