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Garfield stole my glasses!

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This morning, as I took my bath, Garfield stayed in the bathroom with me. This isn't unusual for him, but what he did is unusual! I saw him look at my glasses, which were sitting on the back of the commode, while I shampooed my hair. So I said, "Gar, don't steal my specs! Mommy can't see without them!" Nuf said, right?

Then I hear a sound as if he were playing with them, but he has never done it before. Then he was wild all over the floor for a few minutes, then up on the counter I heard some clinking in his ceramic water bowl sitting by the sink.

When I get out of the tub, I see my glasses missing. I'm REALLY blind, so I'm trying to check the floor, to be sure I don't step on them. Finally I look at his water bowl. Somehow he got the glasses out of a basket on the back of the commode, got them down on the floor (I assume), and jumped back up next to the sink and put them in his water bowl! I'm just glad I closed the potty lid, so he didn't drop them in THAT ceramic bowl!

Crazy cat! You should be ashamed of yourself!
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What a mischievous boy!
Aww, he looks very sorry!
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Garfield is quite the little troublemaker, isn't he?!?

Funny, I found a price tag from a shirt in my guys' water dish today. Lex also LOVES playing with my glasses, and will try to chew on the arm ends.
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Yes, he is my little stinker. His worst habit is chewing tags off electric cords. Just when you think you have removed every tag, dh brings in an extension cord or something. That habit scares me, although he has never bitten a wire. But too close for comfort!
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My cats always chew on my glasses =)
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Oh, Garfield, so naughty! but what a great way to get meowmmy's attention.... or maybe he was being helpful & washed them for you!! your story was great, esp. the description of the indicative noises...
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Sorry but I had to laugh! I am glad your glasses were okay though. Reminds me of when I leave my new contact lenses out by the side of the sink, take a shower and normally by the time I get out one pack of lenses is missing! Guin likes playing with the little sachet because I think it's easy for him to bat about in the hallway!
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Me too!. Awwww that picture looks like he's crying saying " I'm sorry mum "
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IME most cats are attracted to glasses. I think the temples absorb oils from your skin so that they smell like mummy or daddy which just makes the attraction that much greater. I've had to pull mine away from one or the other already. And with Melichus(RB) it was a constant battle. All my glasses had tooth marks on the ends.

I've had to fish glasses out of the porcelain throne before. Not fun . Glad you didn't have to do it!
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I have to hide my glasses too, or one or the other toad will run off with them!

I caught Max running off with my lighter this morning, God knows what he thinks he's going to do with it!!
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Garfield, you silly kitty!

Tibby has thing for lighters too! Molly is just into glasses and contact packets!
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He says "please no pictures"
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Sophie takes off with mine if I leave them on the desk! Crazy cats!
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Garfield, you are one wacky little monkey!
Oliver and Emma applaud your efforts
Emma herself is partial to hording drinking straws in the hall closet.
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The cat we had when I was a kid was a beautiful silver tabby. If she wanted to awaken my big sister, Frisky would just bat her glasses around the nightstand. She only had to knock them to the floor a few times to fully train my sister! LOL!

Yes, Gar looks quite apologetic in his pic. Looks can be deceiving! Sometimes he is such a little stinker that I call him "Stink, stink, double stink". Don't ask me where that came from, but it does fit my little man. It's lucky he is such a loveable golden boy, or he might find himself in real trouble. But all his hi-jinks are for a reason, whether it be having fun or stealing food off a kids plate when they aren't paying attention. Nothing is ever done for meanness, just because he wants to and he can! Meow, I am kitten hear me roar!
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