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Is it normal for cats/kittens to stick out their tongus when they sleep or when they are purring or even when they are relaxing? My kitten has done this a couple of times and i even have a pic of him doing it.....(his tongue is the lil round thing just below his nose)

Does anybody else's cats do this?I think it looks funny.
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Absolutely normal!
As a matter of fact, tongue-sticking-out is a lifetime kitty cuteness!
See this
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just curious...is there any reason or benefit they receive doing this, other than making us giggle because of how cute they are?!?!
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I don't think there really is a reason why their tounges stick out, just like some of our own sleeping habits. i noticed some of mine sleep with tounges out and some of my others never have. it sure is cute though.
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GREAT pictures!!! Yes it is all normal!
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maybe in their dreams they think about eating mice....
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I like the giggle factor. How cute is that!?
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I'm glad to see people appreciate the tongue! I think it's adorable. I always send people pictures of Cupid sticking his tongue out and I'm like, "look! look! his wittle tongue is sticking out!!"--they don't seem to get it.
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My little Iris is hardly normal - - but she does stick her tongue out.

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