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I am going to try and make this story short and cross my fingers that some of you have read my other posts.

I found 4 kittens 3 weeks ago in my backyard. They went to the vet and we found out they had coccedia. None of them seemed to have any signs or symptoms but we are treating them with Albon. Last week I noticed Bonnie looked like she was having troble going to the bathroom and then I noticed some brown leaking from her butt. The next day she was crying when she had to go to the bathroom and nothing came out. I picked her up and noticed some hard poop stuck in her butt. She spent two days at the emergency clinic and she had multiple enimas (Spelling????) They gave me a stool softner, an antibotic so her butt doesn't get infected and she is still on the Albon for the coccedia. She has been home for a day and a half and her belly is very bloated and she has only pooped three times, but very very small poop. So small that I almost did not see it. Like the size of a raisin.

My question is this???? Has anyone had any experience with this??? I have read all the other posts, pumpkin, green beans, organic cat nip etc.... etc..... I am just wondering if anyone has any ideas of what could be going on. The vet says he doesn't think it's a birth defect.
By the way Bonnie is about 8 to 9 weeks old now!!!!

I appreciate any advice, stories etc........
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Have they been wormed??
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aww! thats horrible! I feel so bad for them! I hope they get better soon!!!
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hmmmm, not so sure on that. have you got a second opinion from another vet?
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I am a vet tech, and we always suggest Canned Pumpkin for this problem! Good Luck =)
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I don't think they have been wormed because their fecal test came back with only coccedia in their system.

I mixed in some canned pumpkin last night with her food and there were three poops this morning, two really small and one just a little larger. She still has that brown leaky stuff coming from her butt. It gets stuck on her fur and she cries when I try to get it off. Not to mention that it stinks!!!!!!!

Her belly is still very big!!!!!!!!! Her sister's belly is of normal size.

I think I forgot to mention that I am only fostering these little babies and then I have to give one of them up and I'm going to keep one!
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Hi Negs, you may want to bring her to a vet for a deworming before she gets sick. My dad's cat Terrance had a really bad case of the worms when he was a kitty basically because my dad wasn't prepared and was pretty clueless about what goes on with kittens! And he spents hundreds of dollars in the ER to get him IV'd and medicated. Not pretty . Anyway, it sounds like if they are small enough, she might have worms and you'd want to get her checked out ASAP. Otherwise, it may be stress and she needs to eat a bit more. Good luck, keep us posted.
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She has had a fecal test and the only thing that came up was the coccidia. This afternoon she was really struggling to go to the bathroom but finally she got a small poop out! I feel so bad for her, I wish there was more I could do.
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Have you tried oil a small amount on food??
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She is getting a stool softner (lactulose) and she gets laxatone. I also mix in a small amount of water to her food, she has not been drinking that much! I also mixed in a small amount of pumpkin.

She did four good poops yesterday but this morning her stomach feels bloated again.
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I know this is an old post, but how do you tell the difference between a bloated belly, and just a full belly? Sorry if this should be common sense, but I know someone on this forum will be able to tell me the difference. Thats what I love about it, I usually get an answer pretty quickly!
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