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I´ve started my new job :)

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Ok, the day came! I started my new job last monday, but officially it will start next monday.
This week has been all the meetings and such and the next couple of days I will spent preparing for my job and maybe doing some changes in the library.

As some of you might know the job is in a school for 1st to 4th grate, and I will be managing the library. The children come to the library as a part of their schedule, half the class come there and the other half goes to computer class, and I will be helping them to learn how to "handle" books, look in alphabetical order, look for books by system, using the library books for solving assignments and so on.

I have been so stressed out to start my job, since this is the first time I have a real dayjob for allmost 5 years, so its a huge change. And having to be there (a bit far from where I live) at 8 am, and first having taken my son to playschool, is reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly scaring me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Well first off, congrats on the new job!!

I hope you enjoy it!
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Congrats on the new job Sesselja! It sounds like a lot of fun! I'm sure once you get settled into a schedule it will be wonderful for you.
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Congratulations Sesselja!
You'll do great for sure!
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I forgot to write before, that even though I dont know how things will be once school has started, I really like the working place, the moral at the school seems to be so very good, everyone is so nice.
And............the funny thing is that as this is the actual school that I went to when I was 6 and 7 (1. and 2. class), all the different things have been popping up in my head, like what "musical" we did for the spring festival in 1st grade, and all sorts of everyday things from 1975-1977
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That is really neat, to be in the same school you went to! I'm sure you will do great at teaching all the little ones how to properly care for their books!
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Congratulations on starting your new job, Sesselja!

That's exciting that it's the actual school you went to! I bet it has change a LOT too!

With the time thing, I am sure a routine will just fall into place and everything will be good!

Are you looking forward to your first class?!
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That sounds like a nice little job you have there! Good luck and make sure you enjoy yourself and try not to get too stressed / nervous!
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