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This is bizarre

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You have to stare at it for at least a full minute, before the "ghost" appears

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That scared the crap out of me lol!
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LOL. This sure has made the rounds lately; I have no idea where it came from.

It takes a minute though. I waited for what seemed so long I was starting to wonder if the messy room itself was the scary part.

It's not!!

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That was bizarre.....scared me out of my chair!! I was expecting a "vision" not something charging at me!!!
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freaky looking lady...but who's the banjo player?
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Ok...that is too weird!!! How on earth do they do that??? I saved it and it saved like a normal gif file. Is it an animated gif? I'm not exactly a computer genius :LOL:
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It's just an animation.
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Originally posted by TIPTOP
Due to recent developments on the boards your post has been removed to prevent further flaming. Please don't take offense and help us keep these forums friendly.

If you feel that this editing decision is unjustified, please email the forums owner Anne Anne@thecatsite.com .

If you feel that another member has posted anything offensive please report that post to a moderator rather than try and handle it yourself over the forums.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Cool pic though, made me jump!
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Tiptop threw in a rude comment, so it was removed.
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Oh...ooops.....I saw that message and was confused, didnt see whatever was removed before it was removed...or something like that...oh, the heck with it...back to the kitchen! :LOL:
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Boy, that was scary !

I didn't expect it to come up to me like that . I thought something in the picture was going to start moving, a sort of visual trick that actually happens when your eyes get tired of staring at something. After you sometimes have the impression you're seeing something else. Or at least, you think something's moving when it's not.
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It is an animated gif... If you view it with a regular image viewer then it probably wont do anything (there are some viewers that will display animated gifs properly). If you want to see it after it has been saved to your hard drive then open your browser and on the address bar, type c:\\ (assumming that's the drive you saved it in) hit enter and all your folders will display, then navigate to the file, and viola...


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I wasn't expecting anything to come rushing out like that! I was expecting something wispy or smokey to appear gradually.
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Yeah I did check it out after I saved it, I guess my viewer supports animated gifs Very cool
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Made me jump!
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Thanks for creeping me out this morning! :tounge2:
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I thought it was going to be some kind of optical illusion, really startled me!
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sheesh....that scared the crap outta me too....thing is I was staring and staring and I got closer to the screen and JEESH there it was......
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