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Persian Problems

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I own a five year old Persian. He was extremly ill as a kitten and since then has only eaten prescription cat food from my vet. His health has been fine over the past three years.

Two weeks ago I brought him to a new groomer and since then he has been twitching and scratching. I checked for fleas and he doesn't seem to have any. Then last Tuesday I had a dinner party and a friend of mine brought over salmon. He did not know my cats history and fed him some of the salmon. It's probably the only human food that he has ever eaten. Well,since then he has been acting so strange. He tries to sleep in his litter box, meows all the time (he never used to), stares at the wall from about two inches away, plus he always used to sleep with me in bed and now he doesn't at all. He still has an appetite but something is wrong.

It's the weekend and my vet is out so if there are any vets that are reading this could you please give me some advice?
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Hi kd and welcome!

I've never heard of such a reaction to Salmon (the mad Salmon disease ?).

Seriously, you should have him checked by the vet. I don't think it's Salmon related, but any change in behavior requires medical attention.

Please let us know what the vet says.
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