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Affection and jealosy.

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Hello guys,

Chichi is showing some strange displays of affection. Or I don't know what is it. She grabs Wesley and squeezes him and then licks his back, ears, face, etc.

The only way I can get her to show any affection to me is when I put Wesley in another room. Last night I did that, I decided I'll let her remember how it used to be. He was sleeping in his storage room And Chichi got the access to my bedroom. So I slept all night with a purring furball on my pillow next to me. She totaly melted. She wouldn't stop purring all night, she was so happy!
Any other time, she runs away when I even stretch my hand out to her. Wesley has no issues like that so he jumps up to the couch to watch TV with me whenever he feels like it and sees nothing wrong with that. I pet him and he purrs. If I look around I pretty much always see Chichi sitting somewhere and starring at us just like this: So ocationally I feel bad and release Wesley and go to Chichi to let her know I love her too. She jumps up and runs away. So after I put Wesley to his storage room, a few minutes later she either comes to me or lets me come to her and pick her up. Then she melts.

The point is, I don't want to have to put Wesley into the storage room for very much longer, because he is a sweatheart and doesn't deserve that. I would take Chichi to a kitty shrink if they had those but... I donno. I feel like I'm cought up between the fire and ice...
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I have to tell you that I LOVE the photo of ChiChi. She looks like our first kitten, who was very special.

Chi Chi's behaviour sounds a bit like our female -- she is affectionate with the male, licks him etc, although I've read that the cat who does the licking is the one trying to be dominant. Ours is only affectionate with us on her own terms. Sometimes lots of snuggles, other times she's off on her own. Ours doesn't seem to be jealous, though. Will Chi Chi participate if you play with them together? That might help overcome the jealousy in time.
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You are right about Wesley, he doesn't deserve to be put in the storage room because of Chichi.
Let her come to you. In time Chichi will realize that Wesley won't mind sharing you. You said so yourself Wesley is a darling.
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