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Rice, Corn, or ???

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I've been told not to get corn-based animal foods, as they are difficult to digest.

So, I buy a rice and chicken food.

Then, someone here said rice was just empty calories and not very nutritional.

What is the best thing to feed them?
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about what is the best food to feed. But it is also dependent on how old your cat is, and what it weighs already. I know from past experience that fish-flavored cat food lends itself often to forming crystals in the cats urine, so I steer clear of those. I also have learned that rice is just empty filler and as cats are carnivores by nature, I lean towards the meaty type dry cat foods to feed my bunch. But I rescue ferals and they have a voracious appetite anyway and what appeases them are the meaty foods and not the veggie fillers.
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Okay, now we are just going into the rice/corn issue. What we feed our cats these days is of much debate and I could go on for HOURS on different topics, but may take me 3 days
Rice and corn are both a carbohydrate which provide a source of starch. In dry pet foods a certain proportion of the diet must be made up of starch to allow proper expansion of the food pellets. During the process, the temperature increases the size of the starch granules and improves digesibility and taste. Dietary carbs provide a source of energy and helps in proper gastrointestinal tract function. You only run into problem if they are consuming more than they use. A good example of this is when you buy pet food with it's primary ingredient being corn or rice. It provides only a trace amount of protein as compared to a meat or egg white being the primary source. Which is why when you are looking for a food, you want to check the labels. Between Rice and corn, Rice has a digestability factor of .72 and corn is .54. IMO, either one is okay
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