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And my third bad thing.....

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My dad went to the hospital Monday morning for severe chest pains. Now mind you, he has 12 stents already, 2 heart attacks and a pacemaker. Mom called at 3am to tell me that they were keeping him overnight to run tests to see if it was a heart attack. Well it wasn't although he had a heart cath on Tuesday morning and had two old stents replaced with 2 new ones since they were blocked again. Now mom tells me that he now needs to have ANOTHER NEW stent put in next Wednesday! That will be 13 altogether! The unlucky number too.

My family's been through a lot. And everyone always says "Bad things heppen in threes" Well that's it. My third thing. Could you spare me more good vibes for my dad for his upcoming heart cath next week? I know he'll do fine but this is so much stress on me and my family. Thank you so much, guys!
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Oh courtney! has my thougths today..
Sending lots and lots of Good vibes......Don´t Give up Chick! ...
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Holy moly! You ARE due for good times!!!!! Hopefully this will be #3 and nothing but good things will happen from now on!!!
sending healing vibes for your dad! and for you and your family!!!
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Good luck vibes headed your way Courtney!!
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I hope things turn around for you soon Courtney!!, sounds like you could use a big hug!!
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I'm so sorry about your news. I am sending prayers your way for you and your family - especially Dad.
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Oh, what a lot of stress you have all been through! Take some time to relax and pamper yourself, so you don't get sick yourself. Hope he is feeling strong and healthy real soon!
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Well, Courtney, they say it never kidding! Many prayers for your Dad. You've been through this one before, and you have some idea what to expect, but it doesn't make it any easier, does it? Hang in, and don't forget to take care of you!!
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Big hugs coming your way

Here's hoping for some good luck to come your way too, you certainly deserve it after all thats happened recently
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Big hugs coming your way! Please take care of yourself and I wish your dad a speedy recovery I know what it feels like this week to have a sick parent...

Get well soon to your pop!
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I hope this is the third and final for you!

Lots of healthy }}}VIBES{{{ to you Dad and lots of and get some good luck }}}VIBES{{{ coming your way, Courtney!
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Hopefully this is the last bad thing for you!

sending LOTS of good vibes out to your Dad and your family!
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Sending tons of good vibes your way!
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Oh good lord Courtney....y'all don't need ANY more troubles!!! Fed-Exing some prayers and vibes your way! {{{{}}}} .
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