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Best Food for a kitten?

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I have an 8 week old kitten, and I was wondering if there is any
kind of food that is 'best' for little babies like him? I am giving him some mix now made especially for kittens (and of course I really can't remember for the life of me what brand it is! ) But I just would like some advice as to what is best thing for him. Whats the difference between feeding them wet or dry food?
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A high quality Kitten food is going to be the best for your baby. Look for something that the first ingrident is a real meat, and try to stay away from to many by-products. What is your price range if you dont mind me asking? There are some great brands out there in all ranges.

Royal Canin, a site sponsor. Is one alot of people like, they make Kitten chow and Baby cat

I personally feed Purina Pro Plan/Purina One Mix

Nutro is another popular one.

I do feed nutro pouches to mine as well

As far as the great wet and dry food debate i am sure someone will be along shortly to help. I feed a mix, my babys like to graze so they get a meal of wet food in the am, and have dry food all day.
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Price range-I'm not picky! As a first time owner I just get confused as I walk down the cat aisle at the stores, wondering what would be the best one to get! He was started out on dry food so thats just what I have been feeding him since we brought him home last Friday!
I always wondered what the difference was b/w wet and dry food...isn't the wet food a bit spendier? I haven't looked real close at the prices quite yet but when I need to go back and get more Im certainly going to look!
As always, I appreciate everyone's wonderful help and advice!!
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Wet food can be spendier, but it can also have great health benifits. that is why I feed a mix of the two. It helps assure my kits get enough liquid, and also i have found it encourages them to drink more. Its also a bit closer to their natural diet in the wild.

Well, at Petsmart it can be VERY confuseing! or any major petstore, my top three choices in no real order from a major petstore would be..

Pro Plan, Nutro Natural Choice, or Royal Canin
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just to add to what everyone else suggested, when i worked at a shelter we used to give Eukanuba Kitten to the ones who didn't handle the standard purina kitten chow well, and many did great on that. my sister also raised her 2 kitties on Eukanuba. i don't like the ingredients too well (it does have "corn grits" in it), but alot of kittens i've had experience with did very well on it.
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I like Nutro my Zoey is on mix of indoor kitten and reg adult... I like Royal canin for those that corn is a non issue... Pro Plan makes some very good high protein formulas I like there Natural one...
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