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cats with other animals

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1 yr old Ratty still needs a playmate, and another cat is not an option. (We have 3 cats, the other two are too old). What other creature, besides a dog, could provide enough interest? A ferret maybe - is there a proven way to select a good kind/age/gender as a playmate? Rabbit? Bird in a cage to watch?

Fish haven't been interesting. Crickets in a cage are good for a while. There are plenty of toys and interactive toy time, plenty of grooming, and places to climb on in the house. She goes out in the garden twice a day. I feel strongly that she needs a playmate. I'm going nuts watching her not have enough playmate interaction.

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Why don't you play with her?
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Pls read again for "interactive toy time". We both play with her, for a total of several times a day for 20 or more minutes each. We play with her in each room, with as many games as we can make up. She likes boxes, strings, digging, and several types of toys. She's a verrrry active kittie, and wants to play romping chase games with the other cats. Yep, we romp when possible too. "Dancing with Cats" would be ideal if she could catch on - but she hasn't - yet :-)

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LOL. I dance with my kitten and he seems to enjoy it. I pick him up and hold him 'waltz' style, while I sing in meows and dance him around. I too have an active kitty who torments my older calm kitty.
I personally cannot get anymore pets, so I just play with him as much as I can.

I just don't think you can predict how he and another animal are going to react. There have been many cats that have gotten along with ferrets and bunnies, but then, maybe the ferret or bunny will not want to play with your cat.

I would go with the ferret, none of the bunnies I have had were very exciting. But check your state laws, ferrets are illegal in many states. Maybe you could talk to whomever you buy the ferret from and have some test runs and see how they interact with eachother.

What about a chihuahua? LOL. It's not really a dog. Well, it is, but you know what I mean.
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My rabbits Tover and Pewter romp with my cats all the time. I would get a female rabbit and keep it in an enclosure near your cats so they get used to it, and gradually let it out. A male rabbit tends to follow nature and try to get kitties pregnant, so that is why I would choose a female.
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