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strange behaviour

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Hi all
I am new to this site and enjoy reading everything. I have a 6 month old kitten, i got her from the Humane society when she was 8 weeks old. She is an absolute joy to have in our family. I gave her her second dose of worming tablets yesterday, woke up this morning and she had poohed in my sons bedroom, the door was open and she was able to get to her litter box. That was ok cause i figured it could have been something to do with the tablets, but an hour or so later i was cleaning my other sons room and she blatantly got on to his bean bag and proceeded to pee, i was shocked because she has never ever messed in the house. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why she would do this ? it is so out of character for her.
many thanks
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There are several reasons why a cat suddenly pees outside the box. The sticky at the beginning of the Behavior forum explains them in detail. Perhaps she developed a mild urinary infection, or smelled something strange on the bean bag... Observe her for a few days. If she continues it is best to visit the vet.
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It may be a slight reaction to the dewormer and maybe she isn't feeling well. or maybe not even connected to the dewormer at all. i would keep an eye on kitty. (also, if the wormer was over the counter some brands don't work very well at all.)
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