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Crazy loud.

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Ok, so my kitty... he's loud. Like, really loud. He cries and cries, in the morning when I get up, in the night when we're going to sleep... he does seem to stop when you pick him up and pet him, but then when I put him down again he's back at it! I can't offer him constant attention. Is there any way to discourage him from doing this?
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Sounds like you have the same problem as my kitten, Harley! He is a constant crier and I have gotten some really good advice here! If you look under my post - New Kitten - there are some really good tips on what to do in your case. I hope that you can find some help within my post, if not-I hope that someone out there can help you too!
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It would help to know how old this kitten is, as many cat owners will call their full grown cat kitty. Also do you know any of the history of this kitten prior to you getting him?
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Well, my cat is 2 years and some months old. Things seem a little better already, though he is still being a crazy talker. His routine is pretty much this: When I get up in the morning, he can hear me getting in the shower, and it starts. Meowing, meowing, like a "come give me attention meow." My options are to ignore him and shower so I won't be late for work, or to go play with him a little. If I ignore him, he keeps crying and annoys my partner. If I go play with him, it seems he is pleased, but then I go to shower and he cries again.

I try to sit with him in the evenings and play, and sometimes he's into it, and sometimes he's busy running around doing something else. Last night he actually went to sleep when we went to sleep, so that was good, although we had stayed up much later than usual. He just seems to want SO MUCH attention. I love the little guy, but he has lots of toys, and two little dogs to play with! I just wish there was a way to make him be quiet sometimes, and I feel like giving him attention whenever he cries like that is just reinforcing that that's what he should do if he wants attention.
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Don't reinforce it by picking him up or yes, he will continue.
I have a loud talker and a non-talker.
Rocky drives me crazy at times when he is demanding...But I practice my best Zen meditiation and only pick him up or pet him when he isn't yelling at me to do so
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