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Does antone else have a cat who acts like a dog?

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My cat acts exactly like a dog! He plays fetch, he goes on walks, and he takes baths! He loves water!

Is this normal?

Kendall and Dagger
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Able does, he will take food out of the bowl then eat it, fallow me around like my old dog did, sleep at the top of the stairs, and likes to be on a leash. he will sit on command too.
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My cat has been on Pet Star! Has anyone else had a cat(or dog) on Pet Star?
My cat didn't win, but, we came pretty close!!

Dagger and his mama!
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i have a dog who think he's a cat...
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I think Cupid is 20% dog.
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Reilly loves to play fetch
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I'd say Simba acts a lot like a dog. He loves playing fetch. He even brings his ball to me, to start the game of fetch, and sometime's when I actually start the game, I'll say, "Simba, go get your toy." and off he goes to bring his crinkle ball to me. Simba, also likes to play in his water dish, which is kind of dog like, too.
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Ok, you may have a cat like a dog, but who ever heard of a cat that acts like a rat????

I often call Aerowyn my ratty little brat or my Rat Brat because she acts so much like a rodent! She even looks like one a bit! Her face is very long and does seem a bit rat like, she is as quick as a whip and all you ever see if she is running to hide is a tail dissapearing around a corner, and she CONSTANTLY stands on her hind legs and raises her front legs against her chest and looks like a litte rat/squirrel/prarie dog. She is soooo weird. Elliot does that too when there is somethign that scares him and he wants to get a good look at it, but he cant do it like she can. When they play she is always like ZOOM ZOOM and out of sight behind or underneath a box or the chair.

Ive had a situation where cats scratched at the door to be let out and didnt use the litter pans, but had to have a litter pan because the dog would only go in the pan. Weird huh?
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Spaz won't fetch, and she finds leashes to be beneath her dignity.
She does come when she's called, sits on command, and she heels much better than my dog does.
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Pumpkin acts like a dog sometimes. He even raises his paw for a treat. We just figure he learned it watching the dogs when we brought him home. I love it!
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Jameson barks! We go on walks, he's bigger than my neighbor's dog, he takes his dry food out of his bowl, puts it on the floor, then eats it. Maybe I should get him a frisbee.
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Chichi sticks her tongue out like a dog when she's exhasted
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well my Zoey is dog like but she is a bengal cross so it is explained.. she sits , responds to no like a dog , comes when called( wish the dog did) , plays with h2o and food , gives kisses and hugs, stays on command , would walk but doesnt dig the harbness ..
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I had a moggy meezer once, who acted more like a dog than a cat. I never taught him doggy commands, but he would play chase with our Akita. He would fetch toys, stealing the caps off the markers as the kids colored. He loved the sound of boggle dice falling on the kitchen floor, and would carry them in and drop them. He would even drop them into shoes so he could dig them back out.

He's the only meezer mix I ever owned, and was a total delight and a big pain. I'm sorry he was an in and out cat-because he was found dead in a ditch way before his time!
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Ollie's definitely part dog... he runs to greet people at the door, doesn't mind baths at all, wears a bandanna and collar, hunts, pants, begs, comes when called (usually) - he's not too fond of the leash and car though like most dogs... his personality is soooo dog, yet he has a very big problem with dogs - no matter what their size... guess there were bad experiences when he was stray...
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Lucas loves to have his stomach rubbed just like a dog, and gets all excited about it moving with his back on the floor. He greets me and guests at the door. Follows me all around the house wherever I go.
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Originally Posted by mikenealis
Jameson barks! We go on walks, he's bigger than my neighbor's dog, he takes his dry food out of his bowl, puts it on the floor, then eats it. Maybe I should get him a frisbee.

PB does this with Calista's (chinese crested hairless dog)food-- hes especially fond of her Merricks Dry and Solid Gold Mini.

Other than that he follows me everywhere-- if i leave the room and hes sleeping he will wake up and follow me wherever i go-- He begs for people food just like Calista does and will kennel with Calista in her kennel when i tell Calista to kennel.

Hes a mess for sure.
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Hammie was a dog in one of his past 9 lives.

I think he was a Boxer...

He chews EVERYTHING. He will also take off with a toilet paper roll & run through the house, like puppies do?

He 'barks' at birds as they fly by.

And, when he's feeling saucy, & takes off running in that psycho-cat mode? His butt goes sideways & he tucks his tail (like I've seen dogs run when they're feeling crazy).

Hammie also chases his tail, greets me at the door EVERY SINGLE DAY, jumps up to be petted, and, drinks from the TOILET.
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Oh yeah, Oliver definitely drinks from the toilet too!
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Summer greets us and throws herself on the floor, and rolls over to be scratched....and like the two who posted above me, Summer has been known to drink from the toilet! We keep the lids closed now though. She is definitely a licker, and loves to wake me up by slurping my face!!!

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